24 Apr 2017

Newsletter- 04/24/17


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Dear All,

I trust you all had a wonderful holiday. The third and final term has started and looks to be a good one! We end the year with a few new members of the team:

On Friday Ms. Pearson started her maternity leave and I am delighted that Mrs Mary Roberts will take over 4P until the end of the year.  We all wish Becky all the very best as she adds to her family.

The term has started smoothly with Mr Francis Tse taking over Admissions following Cindy’s departure. Welcome to Francis!

At the end of last term Mrs Clara Pang left KJS due to ill health. Clara has been at KJS for ten years and I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for her long service and ready smile. Ms Sabrina Yu is replacing Clara until the end of term.

Registration will open Today at 4pm (25 Apr) for Y2 and Y6 Mandarin consultations on Friday 5th May.  Please note that Ms Yu’s consultations will be postponed until later in the term to give her more of an opportunity to get to the know the children.

Pokémon cards have enjoyed a comeback of late. Although these have been great fun they have created moments of temptation and I am sad to have to inform you that there have been reports of cards being stolen in school. As this has caused much upset and it has been almost impossible to monitor Pokémon and other trading cards should be kept at home from this point onwards.


Please remember that school will be closed Monday – Wednesday next week.  I hope you enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival and look forward to seeing the children back in school on Thursday 4th May.


Warmest regards.

Karen Thomas

Head of School





Very well done to Ryan, Hayley and Jessica who were among many students who participated in the Spartan Race this weekend. A real feat of endurance, the race posed many challenges and required determination and resilience to complete! Congratulations also go to Mrs Doucette, Mr Riddell, Mr Caplin, Ms Roberston-Burd and Mr Moxon who completed the adult race!


After Chase’s first swimming competition experience two months ago, he trained for four days a week to improve his technique.  He did very well in his latest competition, winning two gold medalists in both events he participated in!
Excellent progress Chase!


‘We The Solution’ held Art Jam sessions during the holidays to raise funds to educate young girls in India. Dhriti was fortunate to be a small contributor and enjoyed painting a t-shirt!


Well done Veer for achievening your Level 4 Blue Belt in taekwondo!


Jillian achieved second place with her Clarinet solo at the 69th Hong Kong schools music festival. Very well done Jillian!



Livia and her Dad completed a 3 km charity run organized by National Geographic to promote Earth Day and save the planet during the holiday,  finishing within 25 minutes.  Her donation went to a local NGO called Food Angel.  Thank you Livia for taking action for such a worthy cause.


Han took part in a 3km family run in Sunny Bay and came second overall.  Han and his Mum ran in the race which was sponsored by Cathay Pacific and raised money for charity. Great job Han!



Radio Television Hong Kong are looking for talented children voice over artists to sing for an education television
programme. The requirements are as follows:
– Male 8 – 12 years
– Native English speaker
– Good at singing
– Willing to rise to a challenge, patient enough to take orders and a good team player

The recording will most likely be held in the early May and will take 1-2 hours. Interested parties may send an email to yipht@rthk.hk with the e-mail subject: ETV voice over. More further details will be given on request.
Dorothy Yip, Assistant Producer, ETV, RTHK       Tel: 23393168     E-mail: yipht@rthk.hk



 An education worth having at the kindergarten and primary stages


Speakers: Rebecca Clements, Chris Coyle and Julie Wong

  • Date: Tue, 16 May 2017
  • Time: 6pm – 7pm
  • Venue: ESF Centre


How personalised learning in ESF secondary schools paves the way to success

Speakers: David Whalley, Kirsty De Wilde and Julie Wong

  • Date:Mon, 22 May 2017
  • Time: 6pm – 7pm
  • Venue: ESF Centre


The objective of the seminars is to help prospective parents gain a deeper understanding on the philosophy of ESF education and the curriculum we offer so that they can make the right choice for their child. The audience is expected to be mostly parents with children from other international or local schools.


Interested parents should go to: www.esf.edu.hk/seminars-may2017/ for more information and registration.


Dates for your Dairy

Monday 1st May:  School closed

Tuesday 2nd May: School closed

Wednesday 3rd May: School closed

Friday 5th May:  Y2 and Y6 Mandarin Consultations