25 Oct 2017

Newsletter- 25/10/17

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Dear Parents,

Friday was a valuable learning opportunity for the staff from KJS (and all ESF schools) as we explored the concept of wellbeing. Teachers were very fortunate to hear from Professor Lea Waters as she explained positive psychology and the importance of wellbeing and schools. Specifically we learnt:


  • There is an international trend of declining wellbeing for young people
  • Children are being diagnosed with depression at an average age of 14 down from 28 since the turn of the century
  • Schools with specific wellbeing strategies, practices and policies enhance the wellbeing of their students
  • Enhanced wellbeing leads to improved learning outcomes
  • Children with positive wellbeing have higher life satisfaction, esteem, self acceptance, relationship satisfaction and optimism
  • Negative emotions are equally as important as positive emotions, those with a strong sense of wellbeing understand both and have strategies to deal with situations where they are feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions
  • Those who feel well learn well!


The day was exceptionally important to the team at KJS to ensure we develop shared understandings about wellbeing and the programmes, practices and opportunities we might have at KJS to ensure Success for Every Child. The next steps for us include analysing the many practices we have in place at KJS to support wellbeing, having a team attend a Positive Education conference in November and then set up our Wellbeing Team to take us forward. We are very fortunate to have the backing and support of ESF as we work as a school and organisation to ensure your child has the necessary support and strategies to be the best they can be.

Speaking of which…. just a wee reminder the sweet stall outside of school is out of bounds for children unless they are with a parent or helper. Please remind your child that they will be turned away if they come alone to buy sweets! This is one small way we can help you to support healthy eating and wellbeing at KJS.

Finally, congratulations to the many children, families and staff who participated in the ESF 50th Anniversary Marathon and to our dancers who performed in the carnival with such pride! What a wonderful day and celebration of KJS, ESF and the many cultures making up the international community of Hong Kong. The day reinforced to me how fortunate we are at KJS.


Neill O’Reilly



Year 6 Camp Meeting on 31 October

Year 6 parents please be informed that the camp meeting will be on Tuesday 31 October at 3:45pm. The meeting will be held in the school library.


UNICEF Day (Dress Casual) on 31 October

This is a reminder that Tuesday 31 October is UNICEF Day. Children can wear their favourite clothes to school for a minimum donation of just $20 to raise funds for UNICEF.


Notice from the School Nurse

Flu season is approaching. To help prevent infection and its complications it is important that we engage in, and encourage, good hygiene practices. Good hand washing and covering the nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing go a long way to help reduce the spread of the infection.

Starting in October/November, the Government will also be providing free or subsidised seasonal influenza vaccinations to children aged between 6 months and under 12 years; or those attending primary school in Hong Kong. For details of where to receive the vaccination and how to arrange it, please visit the Centre for Health Protection website: www.chp.gov.hk, or call the Department of Health Vaccination Office hotline on 2125 2125.

If your child does become unwell with influenza or a fever, please be reminded that the Department of Health guidelines recommend the child is kept at home until 48 hours after the fever has passed, without the need for any medication.


Well Being Notice from the PE Department

Please click here for more information about the Walk the Wall charity walk event.


PTA Update

The PTA is all geared up for Quiz Night this Friday with parents and children ready for some healthy competition.  The response has been great and we are up to 17 and a-half teams already.  For those of you who are still interested but haven’t signed up, please do approach the PTA office immediately.  It promises to be an exciting evening, with lots of prizes to be won.  You can come as a participant or as a spectator.  Ticket prices are $120 and $100 respectively, which includes a light buffet.

We need volunteers for sales on the day.  If you are free and can spare 30 minutes or more, do inform the PTA office.  We would appreciate this.

Please note that Quiz Night will take place in the Gymnasium on the 4th floor.  In order to protect and maintain the flooring of the Gym, we kindly request everyone to dress in casual shoes and avoid high heels.  Thank you.

Other upcoming events organized by the PTA are our Disco Night on 19 January 2018 and our Annual School Fair on 17 March 2018. As always, these events are hugely successful because of the help and participation of all our dedicated parents.

To make this year’s fair another great success, we are looking for sponsors and donations for our highly anticipated raffle. If you would like to sponsor the raffle or donate prizes, please kindly fill in the form attached. If you know of anyone or any company who would like to sponsor the Fair, please do approach Naomi or Candy in the PTA office.  The deadline for sponsorships is 30 November, 2017.


We also need lots and lots of volunteers.  The annual fair boasts our ever-popular International Food Stalls, book sales, games and activities, and the raffle.  If you would like to help with or lead these areas, please click here to the details in the form provided and click here to sign up.


Thank you for your help.  See you on Friday.



Student Success

Our children ran and performed at the ESF 50th Anniversary Marathon and Carnival on Sunday. The children showed pride and passion about their culture and helped to celebrate the diversity that is KJS and ESF.




Sophia (3G) finished her first ever 3km run at the ESF 50th Anniversary Marathon. Well done Sophia!


Nao (1H) participated in ESF 50th Anniversary Marathon – 1KM Student (Year1- Year2) Male Individual Category on 22 Oct and finished it at “2nd Runner-Up” position, and it was his first 1KM running. Well done Nao!


Marcus (4T) and Chloe (3P) have also finished their 3km Run. Well done Marcus and Chloe!


Anushri (5H) won a medal in football, and Zaina (5H) won a medal in basketball this past week. They would like to share this with the KJS community. Congratulations Anushri and Zaina!



Four KJS students, Sian (5D), Charlotte (5M), Umi (4T), and Gemma (3G) competed in the Scholastic Chess Tournament. They would like to share their achievements with the KJS community!


Khloe (3A) and Siu Wan (3P) helped in beach clean with Brownies Guide last Saturday. They joined with Green Council to Wu Kai Sha Beach. The group picked up almost 85 lbs of trash, and they would like to share with the KJS community this meaningful event!


Grace (3A) participated in the 32nd Double Tens Amateur GO Tournament organised by Taiwan Weiqi Institute in Taipei. She got the 1st runner up place in the pre-Dan Group in this competition. Congratulations Grace!



ESF and Other Notices



ESF 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Please click here for more information of the ESF 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner.


Dates for Your Diary


24 – 27 October                                       School photographer in

Friday 27 October 4pm                            Parent Workshop: Mathematics is beautiful and creative:  An introduction to

                                                                         the neuro-science of learning and the wonder of inquiry Maths

Friday 27 October                                   Quiz Night for all the family

Tuesday 31 October                                UNICEF Day (Casual Dress)

Tuesday 31 October 3pm                        Y5 Camp Meeting

Tuesday 31 October 3:45pm                   Y6 Camp Meeting

Thursday 2 November 3-6:30pm             Parent Teacher Meetings (including Y1 & Y4 Chinese classes)

Monday 6 November                               Teacher training (no school for students)

Thursday 9 November 3-6:30pm            Parent Teacher Meetings (including Y1 & Y4 Chinese classes)

14 & 15 November                                  Madagascar, KJS Musical

20 – 22 November                                  Y4 Camp

Thursday 23 November                          Kowloon Netball Tournament

Thursday 30 November                          Y6 Immunization

28 November – 1 December                  Y5 Camp

4 – 8 December                                      Y6 Camp

Wednesday 13 December                     Y3 & Y4 Sports Day

Thursday 14 December                         Y5 & Y6 Sports Day

Friday 15 December                             Term ends at midday




Kowloon Junior School, English Schools Foundation and its affiliates shall take no responsibility for any activities, events and services that are organised by other organisations or individuals and are mentioned in our newsletters..