10 Jun 2020

Newsletter- 10/06/20

Kowloon Junior School’s latest newsletter is available to read now.


Dates for Your Diary

17 & 18 June                           Transition Day for Y1-Y5

Wednesday 24 June             Last day of the year – Only Y6 onsite, Y1-5 Distance Learning

Thursday 25 June                 Summer holiday begins!

10 – 12 August                       Staff training – No school

Thursday 13 August             First day of 2020/2021 school year



Dear parents,

There is some really important information and also action required in this newsletter. Please take the time to read right to the end!


Family conversation; Being Courageous

This week our PYP Learner profile focus is being courageous; we believe in ourselves and have the courage to look at and try new things with enthusiasm (in the PYP this is called risk takers). Our Virtual Celebration Assembly will champion this attribute. Please talk with your child about what being courageous means to you and find out what it means to them at school it could be having the courage to:

  • stand up and speak in front of the class;
  • audition for an event;
  • stay 1 metre away from a friend even if they are encouraging you to come closer;
  • not speak when in our canteen even if a friend is calling to you;
  • sharing a story;
  • learning a new app on the computer;
  • learning new words and phrases in Chinese;
  • trying a new musical instrument or sport; and
  • asking for feedback.

What other things can your family discover?

The important thing is that being courageous is often the small and important things that make a difference each day and show that we have respect for ourselves, others and the environment. Keep an eye out for our VCA video on Friday!

Parent Survey – feedback on distance learning and 50:50 and information about 2020/21

Here is a link to Parent Feedback #4. This survey gives you an opportunity to tell us and ESF how the distance learning and 50:50 schooling experience has been for your child. It is also an opportunity for you to provide your child’s 2020/21 teacher at KJS any important information that you think will get them off to a great start.

Last week of term:

In the last week of term the organisation is:

Year 1-5 Wednesday 24 June (last day):

Y1-5 teachers will zoom in twice on Wednesday to celebrate the end of the year with their classes.

Year 6 Farewell Assembly organisation Wednesday, 24 June

We will farewell our Year 6 children with the respect and celebration they deserve while still abiding by our health and safety guidelines. To achieve this, each class will have their own designated time where we acknowledge their time at KJS. Families are invited to attend subject to the following conditions:

  • A maximum of three family members are permitted per child;
  • Families must arrive and depart according to the schedule below;
  • Families will be required to adhere to the 3M’s of success at KJS: Masks on at all times, 1 Metre distance while seated in the hall and ‘My clean hands matter’ so sanitizing on entry to the school;
  • All attending family members will have their temperature taken before entering the school and will need to bring this signed declaration for entry.

Our Farewell Assembly will include some speeches, music, memories, images, presentation of farewell gifts, a song and a final walk through for our Y6 children. We look forward to seeing families on the day.

Parent comment on End of Year report

If you would like to write a positive comment about your child’s progress in 2019/20 now is the time! You will be able to write up to 150 words about your child. Some suggested starting points are:

  • The thing we are most proud about _________ during 2019/20 is….;
  • During distance learning _____________ was able to….. (Approaches to learning skills in the PYP: managing self, time management, mindfulness, perseverance, resilience);
  • _______________ has impressed us by….; and
  • During distance learning ___________ showed us he/she could…

To add your comment please follow the attached.


2020/21 Staffing

We are delighted to advise all of our new staff coming from overseas will be arriving in June and July, in plenty of time to meet the quarantine requirements and to visit the school before the start of the new year. We are fully staffed with an exceptional team to get off to a successful start to the new academic year.

2020/21 Schooling arrangements

At this time, we do not have information about what the start of the new year will look like. We are all hoping and planning for a full return to school with all of our 900 children and all of our staff on site on day one. However, we will require confirmation from the Hong Kong Government, the EDB and ESF before we can guarantee a return to normal school. As you know, things are improving in Hong Kong and restrictions have been gradually removed. Hence, we have every reason to be optimistic and expect a return to ‘normal’ school.  ESF is working closely with the EDB and as soon as we have confirmation of the organisation for school in 2020/21, we will advise you.

I did say there would be a lot of information, and there is more to read below.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to seeing our Year 6 Parents in two weeks time!

Kind regards



Neill O’Reilly



Year 6 Refund – 2019/2020 Yearly Fee

Refund for Year 6 students will be distributed tomorrow (11 June) through the class teachers.  Please remind your child to safe-keep the cheque and pass it to you as soon as they see you after school.  This will be another great chance to give them the responsibility and be accountable.


Reminder to Children Leaving KJS

For children who will not be returning to KJS for the 2020/2021 school year, we are sad to see you leave. Please be reminded to copy to a thumb drive all of your child’s school records, as access to Gateway or other school portals will not be available after departure.


Residential Address Update on Gateway

If your family will be moving or changing residential addresses over the summer, please be reminded to update accordingly on Gateway with a new address proof, especially for next year’s Year 6 children, as transition to Year 7 will be processed according to current residential zone at the time of application.


Sale of 2019/2020 Yearbook

Dear Parents

We are very excited to announce the production of this year’s yearbook is underway. We have added some new features in the 2019-2020 Yearbook, including Year 6 student reflection and farewell, Zoom views and many more. The details of the yearbook are:

  • Cost HK$100 each
  • Every Y6 student will receive a complimentary copy.
  • Every family can only order one copy per child for the time being – on a first come, first served basis while stock lasts.
  • To place an order, please complete the form here and pay by credit card through PayPal.
  • Due to the current Coronavirus situation, we will NOT accept any other forms of payment until further notice.
  • Distribution is scheduled in June 2020 and parents will be notified accordingly.
  • Delivery by mail or courier will NOT be an option.

For any questions, please contact KJS Finance Team at finance@kjs.edu.hk.


Library News

A kind reminder to have all your Library Books returned to the Library by June 17th so that our Library Team has time to sanitize and shelve them.

You can always see what books you have under your name by using the My Library function on Orbit.

MyLibrary on Orbit

Log in through our Orbit page via the KJS Virtual Library or Library Splat page.

Username: Splat login (without the @kjs.edu.hk)

Password: kjs1234

Here is a video on how to use the video. A copy has also been placed on The Online Resource Page.


ESF and Other Notices

ESF launches Triple Assistance Package

ESF has announced the launching of ‘Triple Assistance Package’ for parents in need. As the name suggests, there are three elements:

  • All ESF families who currently pay fees will be able to quickly and easily opt in to receive a 45% discount – per student – on their fees in June.
  • The extension of the current ESF Financial Assistance Scheme to include the families of Year 1 and Year 7 students – as well as families of students in ESF Kindergartens and of students who have joined ESF within this current academic year.
  • The launch of a new ‘Covid-19 Emergency Assistance Scheme’ that will offer fast-track support to families – giving you the option to defer up to 50% of your April, May and June 2020 fees – with the option to pay back over 24 months starting in January 2021.

You can get more detailed information about all of these schemes in the ‘Triple Assistance Package’ online at this webpage: www.esf.edu.hk/tripleassistance.


Student Success

The celebration of student success will channel to our Facebook page. You can find the school’s Facebook here. Please keep the photos and stories coming of our children shooting the AAROW’s of Success!


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