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Newsletter- 11/11/20

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Dates for Your Diary

Friday 13 November                           Dress for Diwali!

17 - 20 November                              School Photos

Tuesday 24 November                       5:00pm Reporting 2020/21 Workshop (Improving our reporting systems)

Tuesday 1 December                         5:00pm Literacy (Reading & Writing) Workshop

Friday 11 December                           Last day of term - Half day (finish at 12pm)

14 December - 1 January                   Term Break

Monday 4 January                              First day of Term 2



Dear Parents.

It has been another very productive and interesting week at KJS, and as you know, we have the new development of reinstatement of distance learning for Years 1-3 for three school days. These certainly are challenging times we live in. However, our team was ready to switch to distance learning at short notice to ensure the wellbeing and continuity of learning for our children.

To reiterate the messages sent home last night, please make sure you let us know early in the morning if your child is going to be away and also the reason why stating the exact symptoms. If your child has any respiratory symptoms, please include as much detail as possible so that our nurse can identify and trends across the school. Also experience suggests some of you may keep your Y4-6 child home as a precautionary measure. Please note the distance learning provision for Year 1-3 is full day and Year 4-6 only have the afternoon Zoom. If you are keeping your Year 4-6 child home as a precautionary measure please state,  “_______is not unwell. However, we are keeping him/her home today as a precautionary measure”, in your email.

The message from Nurse Charlotte to support student wellbeing at the moment is consistent with our 3M's for Success: masks matter, my clean hands matter and metres matter. Given the current spate of URTI's, please make sure your child is cleaning their hands appropriately and in some cases, masks may even be needed in the home.

For those of you who attended our parent workshop last night, you will now have additional strategies about how to help your child develop healthy digital habits. If you missed the session, the presentation slides can be accessed here. It is well worth taking 60 minutes to ensure your child is safe online and making the most of the digital age we live in. This workshop and the other presentations this term will develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to parenting, supporting your child's learning, wellbeing and safety. The next session on Tuesday 24 November will help you to understand the enhancements we have made to reporting in 2020/21.

Finally, despite the current situation, I can tell you that we are continuing to work with the EDB to facilitate a full return to school (full days) as soon as possible. We have completed a submission to the EDB this week detailing how we can ensure safe eating during lunch using our extensive facilities. As soon as we have the green light, we will be advising families and implementing the return to full days as soon as possible. To give you advanced warning, our plan proposes a return to an 8:30am start and a finish at 2:30pm.

In the meantime Happy Diwali for this weekend and please support your child to come in a Diwali dress or their own cultural dress this Friday. Please note this is not a dress casual day but rather a day to celebrate our Indian culture and other cultures represented at KJS. In doing so, we develop our children's international mindedness and their learner profile attributes of being open minded and reflective. For Year 1-3 children it is still Diwali celebrations at school so please encourage your child to dress in cultural dress for the zooms.


Kind regards



Neill O'Reilly




Yearly Fee Collection

To streamline fees and provide a sustainable solution to technology demands, we will continue collecting a lump sum from each child.  Please click here 1 to download a copy of the newsletter.



School Photos

Please refer to the schedule below for the school photos arrangement this year:

Date                                        Class

Tuesday 17 November           4A, 4E, 4M, 4O, 4S, 5G, 5I, 5M

Wednesday 18 November      5P, 1M, 1C, 1H, 1K, 3B, 1T, 3D

Thursday 19 November          3K, 3M, 3P, 6G, 6J, 6N, 6S

Friday 20 November               6T, 2B, 2F, 2H, 2L, 2S, 5W

Please note that there will be no whole school and class photos this year.

All children should wear their school uniform (not PE Kit) on the day of their photograph. It is important to remember that if they have PE or Games on the same day they will have to change at school.

If your child has missed their assigned session, please ask him/her to check with the class teacher so that we can find a time for their individual photograph to be taken.

Thank you for your attention.



Library News - KJS and ESF Alumni Author Display

Our Library Team is happy to announce that we have created a display dedicated to recognize the literary achievements and books written by KJS and ESF Alumni Authors. We hope that we can replicate this on KJS Virtual Library shortly with author biographies.

We need your help! If you know of any authors that we may have missed, please let our library team know at macy.lau@kjs.edu.hk. Happy reading!



Diwali Celebrations

To help celebrate Diwali, KJS students are invited to wear Diwali clothing or their cultural dress on Friday 13 November. Please be reminded if students are not wearing Diwali or cultural clothes they should be in regular school uniform.



ESF and Other Notices

73rd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (2021)

Entry forms for the 73rd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (2021) are now available (click here ).  Parents who wish their children to participate in the Festival must return the completed forms together with the entry fee in cash, to the school office by Friday 20 November, 2020.  Late applications cannot be processed.  Please also write your child's name and class on the top right hand corner of the entry form.  For further details on Rules & Regulations and Syllabus, please visit the official website http://www.hksmsa.org.hk.



Student Success

The celebration of student success will channel to our Facebook page. You can find the school's Facebook here. Please keep the photos and stories coming of our children shooting the AAROW's of Success!


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