14 Mar 2018

Newsletter- 14/03/18

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Dates for Your Diary

Wednesday 14 March                                       ESF Mixed Basketball Tournament

Thursday 15 March                                          Student Led Conference (After school)

Friday 16 March                                               Student Led Conference (No classes, by appointment slots)

Saturday 17 March                                          KJS School Fair and ESF 50th Anniversary Carnival at KGV

Monday 19 March                                            ESF Stakeholder survey closes

Friday 23 March                                              School Concert

Tuesday 27 March                                          Y1 & Y2 Sports Day

Thursday 29 March                                         End of term (Full school day)

Monday 30 April                                              Teacher training (No classes for children)


Dear Parents,

One of the biggest fears a parent has in life is the death of their own child. We are very sad to say this worst fear has been realised by one of our own families. Hailey Cheung who started in 1T last year, passed away on February 24th after a battle with cancer. Hailey’s Mum tells us Hailey was surrounded by her loving family as she gained her angel wings. We have expressed our condolences and have been in constant touch with Hailey’s family, I know other families have also been offering support, love, prayers and thoughts. We have also been working with ESF to support the children in 1T as they work through this very sad time. If you have any questions about how we support children through grief at school or your child has questions or worries, please talk with your class teacher in the first instance.

In due course we will work with Hailey’s family to arrange a suitable memorial to her memory at KJS. Once again I want to encourage you to enjoy the special moments you have with your children, they are a gift and no one has a guarantee of the time they will spend on this earth so let’s treasure the time we have our children.

This weekend at the school fair will be one of those times when you can enjoy a special time with your children as they sing, dance, play, laugh, eat great food feeling safe, comfortable and loved in the KJS community. Please make sure you set aside some time this Saturday to come along to the KJS Fair and enjoy your school, your community and your children.

I do look forward to seeing you at school in the next few days either with the student led conferences or at the Fair.


Kind Regards



Neill O’Reilly



PTA Update

Our school fair is days away and we look forward to welcoming you there. Come early and indulge in the all the fun.


Take advantage of our early bird offer on coupons or purchase your coupons on the day of the fair. Early bird coupons are available until 16 March.


We have introduced an QR code with our fair booklet this year. Please scan the QR code for more details.

A big thank you to all our sponsors, donors, volunteers and everyone who has helped us with the fair.

We look forward to seeing you at Once Upon A Time…


Message from the Student Council

Clothing Drive (we need your help!)

Redress Hong Kong is a non-profit-organisation that works to stop wasting fabric and other materials on clothes which we will inevitably be thrown away after a short amount of time. Their goal is to ensure that everyone only buys what they need, so they can reduce the amount of textiles used for making clothes.

Right now, we can all support Redress by donating used clothes to help those in need around Hong Kong.

So parents, if you have any old clothes at home, please wash them thoroughly and allow your child to bring them to school. Similar to the food drive, there will be multiple boxes located next to the ground floor office. You can drop off your clothes from Monday, March 19th – April 30th.Please keep in mind that they are not accepting torn clothes, underwear, socks, swimsuits or home textiles.

Another way you could help diverting garments from the landfill is to spread the word and persuade your friends and family to contribute and donate washed, cleaned, intact clothing to Redress. One way they can do that easily is to give them to you so that your child can bring them into school.

The items collected need to be intact and CANNOT be worn out. Redress will collect these donations at the end of April sort and distribute them to the people in need. So do not worry, the clothes you are donating are being used for a good cause.

Thank you,

The Student Council


Term 3 Junior Baking Classes

Term 3 Baking classes starts on 16th April.  For more information, please see the attached brochure and enrolment form.

To reserve a place, please email Ms. Hong:  flourhk@hotmail.com

See the Junior Bakers in action by clicking on the link below:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOW88jsc8A0



After-school Clubs Arrangement on 15 and 16 March – Student Led Conferences Days


KJS School Concert

The KJS School Concert will take place on Friday 23 March in the School auditorium. There will be around 300 participants and the program is a diverse range of music from all the activities that are available at KJS. There will be pieces by Mozart as well as more recent songs such as ‘Can’t stop the feelin’, ‘Mario theme’ and Despacito so please come along and enjoy the performances.

Performance groups taking part will include: The Orchestra, The Chinese Orchestra, Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Percussion Groups, Advanced Violin Group, Recorder Group and Ukulele Groups.

The concert will run from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Those students who are performing, should return home after school and meet back in the music room at 5.30 p.m. The concert is a formal affair and we would like students to wear full uniform (not PE Kit).

The doors will open at 5:30 p.m. and all parents are welcome to come and enjoy the wonderful music.


Student Success

Dharuka (5M) and Dhathri (2B) hiked up to Ngong Ping on the rescue trail during the weekend. They tackled this tough hike with a positive mindset and would like to share with the KJS community.


Khushi (3C) passed level 6 of the British Gymnastic Proficiency Award, and she would like to share this with the KJS community. Congratulations Khushi!


A group of KJS students participated in The Race organised by Discovery College. They would like to share this with the KJS community.


Theo (4MC) earned his black belt in taekwondo. He is very passionate about the sport and has been practicing for 4 years now. Congratulations Theo!


Kavya (3D) won 2nd Prize two years in a row in an International Talent Competition – Singing Category 6 to 9 years old for singing Indian classical song. Congratulations Kavya!


Sahil (2E) won first prize in the 2018 Young Readers Festival Drawing Competition, hosted in partnership with Hysan Development. Congratulations Sahil!


Russell (1T) earned his yellow-green belt in taekwondo. Congratulations Russell!


Sebastian (5C) won first place in the HKSMF piano competition. Congratulations Sebastian!


Shaivi (4L) participated in Hindu Sports Day organised by Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS). She won 3 gold medals for 100m race, long jump and sack race, Also She was the captain of the winning team where various teams had played multiple games among themselves. Congratulations Shaivi!


ESF and Other Notices

ESF 50th Anniversary Carnival

Please click here for more information.


ESF Language & Learning – Spring Sensation Camps

Please click here for more information.



ESF Language & Learning – Author Writing Workshop

Please click here for more information.


4th International Zhou Youguang Cup Chinese Talent Show

To better promote Chinese Culture and to strengthen Chinese education amongst Hong Kong’s youngsters, we are going to hold the 4th  Zhou Youguang Cup Chinese Talent Show in April, 2018. We also aim to use this event to showcase young Chinese learners’ talent and to offer them a platform for communication.

Please click here to watch a video about last year’s Chinese Talent Show, and click here for more detail about this year’s show and registration.


ESF The First 50 Years

‘ESF The First 50 Years’ is now published! This volume chronicles the ESF story, highlighting key events over the last 50 years. It also celebrates the successes and contributions of our students and staff, both past and current.

What’s in the Book?

  • Stories of ESF’s major developments and milestones over the past five decades
  • Interviews of all 22 ESF schools with key historic events and current whole school photos
  • Exclusive interviews of 22 prominent alumni
  • Interesting stories from 5 key leaders and 12 long-serving staff

The book is now available for sale via the ESF website: www.esf.edu.hk/50th-book/. Copies will also be available in major bookshops in Hong Kong by late December.

Enquiries: 50book@esfcentre.edu.hk

More details: http://www.esf.edu.hk/2017/12/11/esf50-book/



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