15 May 2019

Newsletter- 15/05/19

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Dates for Your Diary

Wednesday 15 May                           Y6 Immunisation

Thursday 6 June                                 CPD – No school

Friday 7 June                                      Dragon Boat Festival – No school

Tuesday 11 June                                ESF Festival of Dance (new date)

Thursday 13 June                               School Disco (new date)

Thursday 20 June                               PYP Exhibition Showcase Night

Friday 28 June                                    Last day of school – Half day

Tuesday 13 August                             First day of 2019/2020 school year



Dear Parents,

If you have children at KJS in 2019/20 then we need your input here!

Kind regards



Neill O’Reilly




Girl Up

Girl Up is a United Nations charity that raises awareness of gender inequality and provides access to resources, for example, education.

Why Girls?

Girls are powerful and have limitless potential. Girls can change the world, and yet in certain places around the world, girls continue to have fewer opportunities than boys. When girls are empowered it will benefit us all. If we help girls we will be one step closer to stopping inequality. Many girls face major obstacles and discrimination in their lives, and they often experience them early. We have to work for a world where all girls have equal rights to boys, like going to school, seeing a doctor, getting a job, etc.

We need to take action!

If one person helps, then another, we will have a better world and we will be one step closer to helping girls fight inequality.

We have to start as soon as possible … now, today!

Girl Up focuses on the advocating part by telling people how to help etc. You can help by spreading the word too by putting posters, presenting in front of an audience, signing petitions, and writing letters to the right people.

KJS Girl Up is open to interested students from years 5 and 6. We are almost finished with this year, but we’re looking forward to finding people for next year so keep an eye out for any further notices about this.

(Click here to see the first article KJS Girl Up wrote)

Click HERE to go to the girl up website

By: Hannah 6L, Divina 6L, Queenie 6P, and Shivenah 5S



Girl’s Gym

The girl’s gym is held every Wednesday lunchtime play that is from 12:45 to 1:15 in the school gym on the 4th Floor and is open to girls from years 4-6. The club was started to encourage girls to take part in a variety of activities such as: tug of war, tag games, dodge ball and so on.

Zeisha Shahzad, Teresa Wang, Anaaya Sharma, Diaa Navalani, Sia Jain, Caroline Zhang, Niyati Jhaveri, Abby Cheng, and Gisele Wong all from 6E organise this club.



Library News – Beyond the Book Project organised by KGV Students

Last call for book donations to support King George V School’s book drive. Beyond the Book and Environmental Club team has set up a box outside the reception area to collect English and Chinese books in good condition. Last day for collection will be this Friday 17 May.

Beyond the Book Project aims to reduce poverty and environmental waste by collecting unwanted used books in different schools around Hong Kong. We are asking you on behalf of the Beyond the Book team to request a donation of unwanted books for this project.

The books collected will then be sent back to King George V School where it will be sorted out in different categories to be sent out to the beneficiaries, including the Salvation Army, Crossroads HK, Kids4Kids, and grassroots schools, to promote educational and recreational reading.

Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact the Beyond the Book team at beyondthebookhk@gmail.com.

Thank you for your support and for encouraging your child to donate unwanted used books.



PTA Update

Bingo Night

We had a wonderful turnout of over 170 participants at Bingo Night on Friday.  It was great to see the enthusiasm from the parents and children at the event and we had some energetic pirates with us too.

A big thank you to Neill, our Principal for helping out as well as Dawn, our Vice Principal and Anjali, class teacher of 3I. Our PTA committee did an excellent job putting Bingo Night together.  The evening would not have been the same without the help of Sia Jain and Audrey Lee from Year 6 who took the lead in calling out numbers and making sure winning cards were accurate. Thank you to all who came and supported the event.


Disco Night

Please stay tuned for more details on our last event of the year, our End of Year Disco which will take place in June.


Recipe Booklet

Lizzy Sharp, our EA from Year 2, has finished putting the recipe booklet together. We need your help in coming up with an appropriate title for the cover.  It’s a recipe booklet with recipes shared by parents and teachers of the school.  Please send in your suggestions to pta@kjs.edu.hk .

Lizzy would also like the children of our school to send in drawings and ideas for the cover of the booklet.  Please email your child’s designs to the PTA office as well.


New Committee for 2019/20

We had our PTA meeting for the month of May yesterday, and our next and last meeting of this academic year will be held in June. Some of our executive committee members will be stepping down because their children will be moving onto KGV.

In the interest of having a core committee in place at the start of the new year 2019/20, we would like to ask for nominations for the new committee immediately.  If you are interested in joining our committee or if you know of anyone else who would be interested, please do email us with more details.  Our PTA administrators will follow up with proper procedures thereafter.

Hope you have a great week.

Thank you.



Student Success

The celebration of student success will channel to our Facebook page. You can find the school’s Facebook here. Please keep the photos and stories coming of our children shooting the AAROW’s of Success!


ESF and Other Notices



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