17 Jun 2020

Newsletter- 17/06/20

Kowloon Junior School’s latest newsletter is available to read now.


Dates for Your Diary

17 & 18 June                                      Transition Day for Y1-Y5

Wednesday 24 June                           Last day of the year – Only Y6 onsite, Y1-5 Distance Learning

Thursday 25 June                               Summer holiday begins!

10 – 12 August                                    Staff training – No school

Thursday 13 August                           First day of 2020/2021 school year



Dear parents,

This week’s Virtual Celebration Assembly is about the Learner Profile attribute of “Communicators”. This attribute is so relevant this week as our Year 6 will launch their PYPx to communicate their knowledge, understanding and action about the global goals. Look out for the launch on Friday. The definition on our website for communicators says: we listen and talk to others, sharing clearly our ideas and feelings.

Communication is also especially relevant this week because, as we finished this newsletter, 485 of you had responded to Survey #4. This is in excess of 60% of our families! In the past, we asked and you have responded. You have clearly shared your thoughts and feelings, and now we can act on this feedback to enhance our learning culture even more.  With 95% of you back in Hong Kong, your communication revealed:

We are delighted that the communications we have maintained with parents through these turbulent times, the responsive approach we have taken to enhance teaching and learning based on feedback, and the focus on wellbeing, have resulted in this extremely positive feedback from you to finish the year.

This survey affirms the old saying “It takes a village to raise a child”, and confirms the power and potential of a positive home-school partnership. We will use the information you have provided to ensure that we start 2020/21 in a strong position to support the AAROW’s of success for your child. Thank you for taking the time to communicate with us.

Speaking of communication, wellbeing and learning, we lent hundreds of iPads and Chrome books to families this year to support distance learning. Please make sure they are returned to school by this Friday so that we can set them up for the new year.

We look forward to celebrating with our Y6 Parents next Wednesday, and will share some of the highlights from the last week in our final newsletter for 2020/21. In the meantime, keep an eye out for that PYPx Launch!


Kind regards



Neill O’Reilly



Return Chromebooks and iPads

As per the principal’s message, by Friday 19 June 20 all chromebooks and iPads must be returned to school. This will mean that families will have to organise home devices for the zooms from that date.

While we know this will pose challenges to some families, it is essential we have all devices returned by that date to allow follow up for missing devices and for maintenance and updating of devices for the next academic year.

Reminder to Children Leaving KJS

For children who will not be returning to KJS for the 2020/2021 school year, we are sad to see you leave. Please be reminded to copy to a thumb drive all of your child’s school records, as access to Gateway or other school portals will not be available after departure.


Residential Address Update on Gateway

If your family will be moving or changing residential addresses over the summer, please be reminded to update accordingly on Gateway with a new address proof, especially for next year’s Year 6 children, as transition to Year 7 will be processed according to current residential zone at the time of application.


Yearbook Distribution

2019/2020 Yearbook will be distributed this week on Wednesday 17 June (Y2, Y4, Y6) and Thursday 18 June (Y1, Y3, Y5) to parents who placed an order.  For Y6 students, their free copies will be kept at school until the farewell assembly on Wednesday 24 June.

Should parents be interested to get a copy but have not submitted an order form yet, please complete the form here and pay by credit card through PayPal.


2020/2021 KJS Calendar

A copy of next year’s calendar can be downloaded here and the first school day will be Thursday 13 August 2020. 

For parents who are keen to know the starting date of 2021/2022, please be advised that ESF will soon finalise the date and 13 August 2021 as stated in this calendar is not 100% confirmed yet.


Library News

Remember our Virtual Celebration Assembly last week? The Library Team would like to be more “courageous” and try something new. You have communicated with us that you would like to see the Library more “green” and “sustainable”. Ms. Hadley has been showing you weekly tips on how to grow plants and we want to see how they turn out.

Grow your plants over the summer and give us your plants when you return to school in August. Decorate your pot and put your name and class. We’ll find a nice place in the Library to place your plant and you can watch it grow.

We’re very excited to see your plants in August. Have a lovely summer everyone!


Baking Science Summer Camp 2020

A Message from our Y6 Children


As Message from Suhani in 6G

Quality Education For All Children! (Click here)


ESF and Other Notices

ESF launches Triple Assistance Package

ESF has announced the launching of ‘Triple Assistance Package’ for parents in need. As the name suggests, there are three elements:

  • All ESF families who currently pay fees will be able to quickly and easily opt in to receive a 45% discount – per student – on their fees in June.
  • The extension of the current ESF Financial Assistance Scheme to include the families of Year 1 and Year 7 students – as well as families of students in ESF Kindergartens and of students who have joined ESF within this current academic year.
  • The launch of a new ‘Covid-19 Emergency Assistance Scheme’ that will offer fast-track support to families – giving you the option to defer up to 50% of your April, May and June 2020 fees – with the option to pay back over 24 months starting in January 2021.

You can get more detailed information about all of these schemes in the ‘Triple Assistance Package’ online at this webpage: www.esf.edu.hk/tripleassistance.


Student Success

The celebration of student success will channel to our Facebook page. You can find the school’s Facebook here. Please keep the photos and stories coming of our children shooting the AAROW’s of Success!


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