22 Nov 2017

Newsletter- 22/11/17

Kowloon Junior School’s latest newsletter is available to read now.





Dates for Your Diary


Thursday 23 November                                         Kowloon Netball Tournament (Y4, Y5, Y6 after-school Netball – CANCELLED)

Thursday 30 November                                         Y6 Immunization

28 November – 1 December                                 Y5 Camp

4 – 8 December                                                         Y6 Camp

Wednesday 13 December                                    Y3 & Y4 Sports Day

Thursday 14 December                                        3:15pm Farewell afternoon tea in library for Karen Thomas

Thursday 14 December                                        Y5 & Y6 Sports Day

Friday 15 December                                             Term ends at midday


Dear Parents,


Musicals and camps, a recipe for success!


We agreed that Success for Every Child is characterised by Achievement, Agency, Respect, Opportunity and Wellbeing- the AAROW of Success at KJS!. This last week we have seen so much opportunity, wellbeing, and achievement!


The musical Madagascar gave so many opportunities for students, developed wellbeing and memories that will last a lifetime and really supported achievement. Children learnt to dance, sing, move, act, use lights, arrange props, manipulate technology, and to collaborate with others. They learnt through their mistakes and judging by the final performances they learnt a lot! I have such respect for the team of teachers, EA’s and parents who supported this aspect of Success at KJS.


Then the camps started this week. What an amazing opportunity for children to go outside their comfort zone, try new experiences, eat different food, sleep in beds made by themselves (fantastic to watch the bed making…) and take risks. Again these experiences have been made possible by the hardworking team at KJS. Camps are a unique experience for children to develop as young people with positive wellbeing and an awareness of the beauty of Hong Kong and the challenges new experiences can bring. Check out this link  if you would like to know more about the benefit of school camps.


Please feel free to use ‘The AAROW of Success’ at home.

Do support your child to be an achiever by helping them set goals and then work toward them (this could be as simply as setting a goal to be ready for school in the morning or to mastering a difficult musical instrumental tune).

Support them to have agency (taking control of their learning) by asking them what choices about their learning they made in the day and what responsibilities they would like to take care of at home.

Encourage them to be respectful of self (personal hygiene for example) or others (caring for family members) and the environment (let them care for part of the home).

Give them opportunities to choose from in the weekend, provide some options for places to go to experience the outdoors of Hong Kong.

Support their wellbeing by ensuring they have time for play, make sensible food choices and that they have enough sleep and limited screen time!


Together we can achieve success for your child!


Next week the Senior Leadership Team and our 2018/18 wellbeing team leaders will share some of the key findings from a recent three day positive education / wellbeing conference we attended recently. In particular we will share some fascinating information on nutrition and wellbeing.








Madagascar Jr

You may scan the QR code below to see photos of our musical, or you may click here for the link.



Students Photo

As in previous years, we have arranged a photographer to come in and provide a photo-taking service to staff and children. An order form with a sample student photo were distributed to each child yesterday. To avoid late charge, please complete and send the form with a cheque (payable: “Techni Photo”) to the school office by Thursday 30 November.


You can also order photos online this year. Please refer to an on-line order instruction attached (please click here ). The class/group photos have already been uploaded onto www.techni-photo.com/order. For any ordering inquiries, please contact the photographers at “Techni Photo” directly by telephone on 2803-5988 or by email photos@techni-photo.com.


If your child has not taken an individual student photo and would like to do so, please contact the photographers directly and make a booking to take the student photo at their studio.


Techni Photo

Flat C1, 3/Floor, Phase 5

Hong Kong Spinners Industrial Building

760-762 Cheung Sha Wan Road

Lai Chi Kwok, Kowloon

Tel: 2803-5988

Email: photos@techni-photo.com

Office Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00am-6:00pm




PTA Update


School Fair – 17 March 2018

We would like to thank all the parents and companies who have donated prizes and/or sponsored our school raffle for our school fair.  We have received some amazing prizes for this event.

We are now accepting items for the auction that will take place at the fair. If you would like to donate something for this auction, please click here  or get in touch with Naomi or Candy in the PTA office.

All proceeds from the school fair will go towards funding the Secret Gardens around school, which in turn will create a great platform where the school community can come together to learn more about our growing environment.


Farewell for Karen Thomas and PTA Meeting – 12 December 2017

We will be having a farewell gathering for Karen Thomas on Tuesday 12 December in the school hall from 4:00 to 6:00pm.  More details of this event have been sent out to parents via email.  Please do let us know if you will be attending this event via email to the PTA office at pta@kjs.edu.hk. This gathering will coincide with our PTA meeting for December.


School ‘Red and Gold’ Disco – 19 January 2018

Our school disco will take place on 19 January.  Please note that tickets will be on sale in the PTA office from early December.  This promises to be an exciting event where children, parents and teachers come together for an evening of fun and dance.  Look out for more details in the next newsletter.

Disco Night Volunteer Form


Sodexo, Our Lunch Provider

We have been receiving feedback from both parents and teachers about the lunch service since switching to Sodexo this academic year.  After gathering all information and meeting with Sodexo, we have settled on some changes.

Sodexo has been providing cut fruit served in small plastic containers with lids.  This resulted in a huge wastage of plastic all over the school.  We are aiming to be a zero-waste school and the amount of plastic wasted on a few pieces of cut fruit everyday could not be justified. We have now jointly decided that Sodexo will be providing a whole piece of fruit, either an apple or a banana, two days of the week with the lunch.  Consuming the whole fruit will be more nutritious for the children and will provide additional fibre.

Please note that the charge for each lunch box will remain the same.  Sodexo will instead focus on providing us with more hot plates to keep our lunch orders warmer and will focus on providing us with quality meals.

There have been issues where children are unsure if they have ordered lunch on particular days and are also unsure of their meal choices.  This results in incorrect meals being distributed to subsequent classes.  We kindly request all parents to make sure they receive the correct confirmation after placing orders online and to share this information with their children to avoid any mishaps.

If children feel that their meals are insufficient and they are still hungry after finishing their school lunch, they can pop over to the PTA office to get an additional box.   Parents will be sent an email for the additional charge.

Sodexo informed us that there have been a large number of cancellations from parents especially on the day of their lunch orders.  From December onwards, Sodexo will only honour cancellations due to absence from school because of an illness, and calls for these cancellations must be made before 8:00am.  Meals cancelled after 8:00am on the day of are still prepared and sent to the school.   To avoid this situation and a huge wastage of food, please do inform Sodexo at unit.kjs.hk@sodexo.com before 8:00am if your child is unwell and will not be coming to school.

The school will also inform Sodexo beforehand about field trips, camps and other important dates for classes and years groups.


Volunteers for PTA Events

We will be looking for volunteers for the school disco and the school fair.  If you would like to help out at these two events, please do inform the PTA office and we will contact you closer to the time.  We would require only 30 to 60 minutes of your time and would appreciate the support.


Thank you.





Student Success

Lucy (3C) participated in 2017 Children Creativity Contest with the theme ‘I Love Summer’ and won the Bronze award in junior section. She enjoyed the creation of her artwork immensely from start to finish which is something Lucy is keen to share with her friends in KJS.


Bernice (3P) recently passed her grade 3 Oboe ABRSM exam with Merit. Bernice would like to share this with the KJS community. Congratulations Bernice!


Ho Yan (2S) got the certificate of the Guinness World Records for his participation and contribution to successfully setting a new record of largest ukulele ensemble of 8065 participants on 13 August 2017 at the AisaWorld Expo in Hong Kong. Congratulations Ho Yan!




ESF and Other Notices


ESF 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book

To mark ESF’s half-century, we are publishing a commemorative book: ESF The First 50 Years. This volume will chronicle the ESF story, highlighting key events over the last 50 years. It will also celebrate the successes and contributions of our students and staff, both past and current.

The book will be published in November 2017. Place your online order NOW at http://www.esf.edu.hk/50th-book/

Enquiries: 50book@esfcentre.edu.hk





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