23 Oct 2019

Newsletter- 23/10/19

Kowloon Junior School’s latest newsletter is available to read now.


Dates for Your Diary

Friday 25 October                               Diwali Celebration Assembly

31 October & 7 November                 3 Way Learning Conference (3-6pm)

Friday 1 November                             Dress Casual Day for Community Chest & Y4-6 Assembly

Friday 8 November                             Y1-3 Assembly

12 – 15 November                              School Photo

Friday 15 November                           Bingo Night

Friday 22 November                           Y1-3 Assembly

27 – 29 November                              Y5 Camp

26 – 29 November                              Y6 Camp

Friday 6 December                             Whole school assembly

Friday 13 December                           Last day of term – Half day (finish at 12pm)

16 December – 3 January                   Term Break

Monday 6 January                              First day of Term 2


Dear Parents,

After input from yourselves, staff and students we have now submitted our Annual Improvement Plan to the School Council and ESF. We are excited about the clear focus on Sustainability, Literacy and the PYP. As you can imagine, much work has already been done in these three areas. The graphic below illustrates our priorities.

Over the last month, my wife and I have hosted numerous visitors from New Zealand in a professional and personal capacity. What we have been reminded of is the beauty and vibrancy of Hong Kong, the privilege we have here at KJS with our facilities, and the friendly people. The wonderful outdoors has been a particular surprise for visitors. I do encourage you to get outside with your children as the weather becomes more suitable for hikes and exploring. In doing so you will be supporting your child with the PYP Approaches to Learning, particularly the Self Management Skills of Mindfulness as they enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our parks and reserves and Perseverance and Resilience if you challenge them to undertake extended walks and hikes. Do take the time to enjoy the outdoors with your family before the weather cools right down. You will also be supporting their wellbeing and the learner profile attribute of being balanced.

Finally, we wish you a very happy Diwali this weekend, शुभ दीपावाली. We will be celebrating here in style at KJS with our special Diwali Learning Celebration as we support our children to be internationally minded. I know the children and staff are looking forward to celebrating this special event, keep your eye out for the video of the Diwali Celebration Assembly on Friday afternoon!


Kind regards



Neill O’Reilly



Yearly Fee Collection

To streamline fees and provide a sustainable solution to technology demands, we will continue collecting a lump sum from each child covering this year’s activities, stationery, etc. Payment can be made by cheque or credit card through PayPal. Please click the appropriate link below to download a copy of the newsletter.

Year 1

Year 2                            Year 2 (for students who joined on or after 13 August 2019)

Year 3                            Year 3 (for students who joined on or after 13 August 2019)

Year 4                            Year 4 (for students who joined on or after 13 August 2019)

Year 5                            Year 5 (for students who joined on or after 13 August 2019)

Year 6                            Year 6(for students who joined on or after 13 August 2019)

Year 6 (for students who signed up for the China Camp)


Message from the School Nurse

Following guidance from the CHP (Centre for Health Protection), school require any child with a fever, vomiting or diarrhoea to remain at home until they have been free of any signs and symptoms for at least 48 hours, without the need for any medication. If you send your child back to school before this time they may still carry the virus and pass it on to others.


Message from Y6 Students

Dear Students & Parents, 

We would like to inform you that  K.J.S  will be hosting a dress casual day on Friday 1 November, to raise money for Community Chest. We missed the annual Community Chest Day this year as we were on October Break but did not want to miss this KJS opportunity to support our local community as we do each year.


 What is Community Chest?

Community Chest is a charitable organization that K.J.S supports. It helps people in need have a giving them the opportunities some of us take for granted.

For further information please look at their website https://www.commchest.org/en/projects/current-year-allocation 

Please support Community chest on 1 November by donating HK$20!  

Community Chest Slideshow

Suhani and Katie


Library News – Author Visit for Years 3-6, Mother Tongue Book Donations and Readers, and Celebrating Diwali in the Library

Author Visit with Jan Latta, Author and Wildlife Photographer – Tuesday 22 October

Yesterday, 22 October, Years 3-6, had a wonderful time meeting with Jan Latta, author and wildlife photographer. Jan Latta will talk about her amazing adventures with wild and endangered animals

Order forms were sent home with children before the holidays. If you missed it, please download the following form and return it to the library.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Mother Tongue Book Donations and Readers

After the first month of school and Who We Are Unit of Inquiry, we found that many KJS students speak another language at home (see above arrow for some languages identified). As such, KJS Library would like to expand our mother tongue book collection and encourage more students to read in their home language. In order to do this, we need your help.

You can help us in one of two ways:

1) This October break, when you’re on vacation in your home country, consider bringing back a book and donating it to our library.

2) Please ask your child to borrow a book from our mother tongue collection and record a video for us. We will be putting a QR code on our books and link them to the videos.

Videos should include:

  1. Record with your pointer finger following the text. Reading example.
  2. Read the title and author of the book.

Please return the book with a slip of paper that lets us know who read the book. Example: Dorothy Perkins, mother of Izzy Hui 3A. We will put this on the inside cover of the book permanently.

Email to Ms. Lau at macy.lau@kjs.edu.hk with the subject: mother tongue book recording. Note: we have tried asking parents and students reading it at school but there was too much background noise. Readings at home are more favourable.

Thank you for your support and let’s get our children reading in their mother tongues!


Celebrating Diwali in the Library

KJS Library Team loves encouraging students to be internationally-minded by learning about different festivals that we celebrate at KJS. Diwali will be celebrated next week on October 27th and so, our library team has curated Diwali celebration books for our students to read and decorated our library with traditional ornaments. This year, we’ve asked Ms. Monil, from our library team, to explain the meaning behind the Diwali decoration.


PTA Update

Click here to view in full size


Student Success

The celebration of student success will channel to our Facebook page. You can find the school’s Facebook here. Please keep the photos and stories coming of our children shooting the AAROW’s of Success!


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