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Newsletter- 24/06/20

Kowloon Junior School's latest newsletter is available to read now.


Dates for Your Diary

Thursday 25 June                               Summer holiday begins!

10 - 12 August                                    Staff training - No school

Thursday 13 August                           First day of 2020/2021 school year

Thursday 1 October                            National Day - No school

Friday 2 October                                 Mid-Autumn Festival - No school

Monday 5 October                              ESF CPD - No school

Friday 16 October                               Day before Mid-Term Break - FULL Day Classes

19 - 23 October                                  Mid-Term Break

Monday 26 October                            Chung Yeung Festival - No school

Friday 11 December                           Last day of term - Half day (finish at 12pm)

14 December - 1 January                   Term Break

Monday 4 January                              First day of Term 2



Dear Parents,

What a wonderful farewell for our Year 6 students today! We celebrated their creativity, their performances, their achievements, their agency and wellbeing. Our Year 6 children are an exceptional group of young people who have overcome adversity to achieve the AAROW's of Success at KJS. Our final report data evidences an increase in achievement school wide with an increase of 12% in maths and 14% in literacy of children meeting or exceed expectations! We noted how they have become more respectful, more responsible and how they have led so effectively, they have made us proud.  We wish our Year 6 children and departing families all the best as they move onto their new adventure.

We also wish departing staff all the best as they move onto their new adventures. Listening to the stories from colleagues and students we were reminded of the wonderful staff who work with such energy and enthusiasm at KJS and the important contribution each and everyone makes in the lives of our children.

Thank you parents for partnering with us in 2019/20, together we have been able to achieve more than we could have imagined. We have certainly set the scene well to have an even more successful 2020/21.

We hope you have a safe and restful summer and we look forward to welcoming students and families back in the new academic year.


Kind regards



Neill O'Reilly




2020/2021 KJS Calendar

A copy of next year's calendar can be downloaded here 1 and the first school day will be Thursday 13 August 2020.

For parents who are keen to know the starting date of 2021/2022, please be advised that ESF will soon finalise the date and 13 August 2021 as stated in this calendar is not 100% confirmed yet.



PTA Update

Dear Parents,

It's been an exciting and challenging year and I am sure you and your families are looking forward to a well-deserved summer break.

With all the challenges, the PTA went through some changes.  Naomi Chow, our PTA Administrator resigned earlier this year because of family commitments.  Naomi dedicated 7 years of her life to the KJS PTA and we were sad to see her go. However, change is inevitable and wished her well for the future.

On the other hand, Candy So, our part-time PTA Administrator has now moved into a full-time position and has single-handedly managed the office in spite of the school closures, social distancing rules and special arrangements with the PTA this year. I would like to thank both Candy and Naomi for their dedication and commitment to the school and the PTA.  Our office has run smoothly and uninterrupted this year because of their efforts.  I look forward to working alongside Candy for another school year.

I would also like to thank our entire PTA Committee – our Parent and Class Representatives, our teachers, the SLT, Neill O'Reilly our Principal and the Student Leaders in the Student Council.  I truly believe that PTA is the bridge between the parents and the school.  Despite the fact that so many of our events couldn't take place this year, the ties within our community have strengthened.  We have truly displayed great school spirit.

Thank you to all our Class Representatives who took the time to attend our PTA meetings, whether in person or via Zoom, and who very promptly relayed messages from the school and the PTA to their respective classes. It was effective communication at its best and the PTA is grateful for your efforts.

The PTA would also like to thank Astor Gibbons, Francis Tse and Rhea Sadarangani for always helping us when help was needed.

Before we sign off for the summer, we would like to remind parents of the following:

  • We are still waiting on the return of unsold raffle tickets and sold raffle stubs; please kindly send these back to the school as soon as you can – we need them for auditing purposes; and

  • School lunches will commence from September 2020 onwards – we are unsure what the situation will be like once we are back at school after the summer; hence, we have negotiated with the caterer to restart lunches, if outside lunches are allowed at school, from September 2020.

It's been a pleasure serving as PTA Chair at KJS and I thank you for trusting me with the role. I wish you and your families a very joyous and restful summer.


Kind regards,

Saloni Melwani

Chair, KJS PTA




ESF and Other Notices

ESF launches Triple Assistance Package

ESF has announced the launching of ‘Triple Assistance Package' for parents in need. As the name suggests, there are three elements:

  • All ESF families who currently pay fees will be able to quickly and easily opt in to receive a 45% discount - per student - on their fees in June.

  • The extension of the current ESF Financial Assistance Scheme to include the families of Year 1 and Year 7 students – as well as families of students in ESF Kindergartens and of students who have joined ESF within this current academic year.

  • The launch of a new ‘Covid-19 Emergency Assistance Scheme' that will offer fast-track support to families – giving you the option to defer up to 50% of your April, May and June 2020 fees – with the option to pay back over 24 months starting in January 2021.

You can get more detailed information about all of these schemes in the ‘Triple Assistance Package' online at this webpage: www.esf.edu.hk/tripleassistance.


Student Success

The celebration of student success will channel to our Facebook page. You can find the school's Facebook here. Please keep the photos and stories coming of our children shooting the AAROW's of Success!


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