26 May 2021

Newsletter- 26/05/21

Kowloon Junior School’s latest newsletter is available to read now.


Dates for Your Diary

Wednesday 26 May                           Y1 Immunisation

Thursday 27 May                                Y5 (girls) & Y6 Immunisation

Friday 28 May                                     Whole School Transition Day

Monday 14 June                                 Dragon Boat Festival – No school

Wednesday 30 June                           Last day of school – Half day (finish at 12pm)

Thursday 1 July                                  Summer holiday begins!



Dear Parents,

It has been a very exciting week in school with our children attending for the whole day, each day. For our youngest children, this is the first time that they have had the opportunity to do this. All of the children have entered each morning with the enthusiasm that we are used to. Although there are a few tired brains and bodies by 2:30, they are enjoying the extra learning opportunities that the full days allow. Thank you for your support in helping your child to be well prepared for the whole school day. We are hopeful that with your support, we will be able to continue our current arrangement for as long as possible.

In other exciting news, our Year 6 children, who are attending ESF schools in the next academic year, will be visiting their secondary school this Friday. This is always a very exciting time for our students and their families and we look forward to them returning to school to share with us their early impressions of their new school. The next stage of their ESF educational journey starts here! Have a great day Year 6!


Kind regards,

Ciarian Fay

Vice Principal



REMINDER: School Place & Advance Fees 2021/22

Please ignore this reminder if your child(ren) is staying at KJS or ESF next school year.

A reminder about the message from ESF in regard to confirmation of a school place for your child(ren) and advance fees for the coming school year. Please read it carefully, and if you are planning to withdraw your child(ren) after the end of this school year, please submit a Student Withdrawal Notice to the office on or before Monday 31 May 2021.

You may view the message from ESF here.




Student Success

The celebration of student success will channel to our Facebook page. You can find the school’s Facebook here. Please keep the photos and stories coming of our children shooting the AAROW’s of Success!


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