17 Jan 2020

Yr1 Curriculum Update -17/01/20

Working together to achieve success for every child

Welcome to Year One


Transdisciplinary learning-it’s all connected

Students have been using the design cycle to create different robots, machines, systems to help solve a problem. They have been getting familiar with this process and tested many of their creations. They have used recycled materials and even have used their bodies! The students will begin to get ready for our Maker’s Day. The are very excited to share their knowledge and create a system with their parents. Please send in any extra cardboard or plastic recycling so we can use it!


Students have been working on using the correct language when talking about the Size of the Problem. Year 1 has used this system in order to try to solve problems and what the appropriate reaction is. We are exploring figuring out what the problem is, how we should react, and how we can try to solve the problem.


Students are consolidating their measurement skills. We have been working on estimating, comparing, ordering, using the correct tools and using the correct language. They have been using phrases such as “the pencil is longer than the eraser”, “the stapler is heavier than the paper clip” etc. Now that students have inquired and understood how to measure different objects, they are now able to estimate. By using their knowledge and being thinkers, they can make an educated guess as to a correct estimation.


Thank you for your donations!

The WWF Australia will be receiving close to $40,000 from KJS. This would not be possible without the generosity of our community. THANK YOU!


Library login

You have been sent your splat! Login details by your class teacher, use these to log in to the school library site where the children have access to ebooks and storycentre.

Have a great CNY Holiday. We hope you get time to enjoy with your family.


Dates to note:

Thursday 23 January:             Maker’s Day (last day of class)

Friday 24 January:                  CNY Holiday (school closed)

Monday 3 February:               Classes resume

Monday 10 February:             Suzanne Younan Author visit