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Yr1 Curriculum Update -21/06/19

Working together to achieve success for every child







It's our 20th and final edition for Year one!

A big thank you for all our parent helpers and volunteers this year who have made a world of difference to every child's learning at KJS. The year one team are so proud of how the children have grown and developed this year and are looking forward to their continued success in year two.


Let's Inquire – Sharing the Planet 

We are coming to the end of our unit on Sharing the Planet and the children are excited to be sharing their learning with you. We have been connecting our research, data collection and knowledge to create a persuasive piece to share with the wider community. This has involved creating books, posters, videos, art and performances.

We have explored how making informed choices connects with helping our earth and that we need to be principled in the choices we make. Children have connected these ideas using cause, effect and action thinking models. As children investigated causes and effects they have been identifying ways they can take action. In year one we are recycling our waste such as composting our fruit and vegetables and recycling paper, metal and plastic. We are also exploring ways we can reduce and reuse our waste, such as using both sides of the paper and making art with reusable materials.



We have been learning about shapes and patterns. We have been using everyday objects to explore different kinds of repeating patterns and explaining the attributes they have, such as a colour, shape, size and number. We have been identifying shapes and patterns in our environment and making observations on how they are connected. Such as the ways patterns are connected to shapes, e.g. leaves are a triangular shapes and have line patterns on them.


Chinese Year 1:

Year 1 children are inquiring into Chinese learning through songs, stories and rhymes. Different learning opportunities are provided for children to explore their interests and promote agentic learning.

Here's a glimpse of the happenings in some of our classrooms:

Thursday 20 June                             Y6 PYPX

Friday 21 June                                   Y1 Celebration of Learning

Monday 24 June                                Class Transition Day

Thursday 27 June                             Y1 End of Year Party

Friday 28 June                                   Last day of school (half day)