25 Jan 2019

Yr1 Curriculum Update – 25/01/19

Working together to achieve success for every child

Year 1 Working together to achieve success for every child




Greetings! – It’s our 10th edition!

We write a regular newsletter keeping you up-to-date and informed about your child’s learning. This will provide you with a good understanding of happenings in Year 1 and how you can support these learning experiences.


Let’s Inquire – How We Express Ourselves

It’s SHOWTIME! There has been a creative buzz in Year 1 this past fortnight as we have some fantastic new areas in our Year 1 Shared Area.  After our visit to the theatre two weeks ago, we have been inspired to express ourselves in different ways, especially through our play.  Some of us have loved the new stage, while others are still finding our MTR system and 7-eleven shop exciting places to use our imaginations

Our new learning journey for our current Unit of Inquiry on Evidencer in SPLAT will go live Friday 25th January.  Please see instructions (click here) on how to access the platform.

‘Success for Every Child – AAROW

Achievement: What are we achieving?  Students are now using new reading comprehension strategies which include predicting, story-mapping and recording ideas or connections in order to engage with the books we are reading.

Agency: What agentic opportunities have we had? Students are expressing their ideas through different mediums which include, writing, reading, acting, drawing, painting, dance & movement, puppets, programming, construction and any other ways they choose to inquire.

Respect: How are we developing a respectful community? We are learning how to respect different people’s points of view and choice of expression.  Students are also focusing on respecting and taking care of materials in community and shared areas.

Opportunity: What opportunities have we had? This week we have had the opportunity to explore, design and create with our new blue blocks outside.  Ask your child what they have created with our new materials.

Well being: How are we developing a positive sense of well being? Year 1 students will begin to explore constructive criticism and having respectful opinions when giving feedback to their peers.


REMINDER: Please purchase the new library bag ASAP as students are getting confused with 2 bags.  If you have any questions about the library bag please email your teacher.

Also there is to be NO JEWELLERY worn at school (unless it is for religious purposes) and girls hair needs to be tied back for PE and sport.


Chinese Year 1:

Year 1 children focused on the topic of the 12 Animal Zodiac and CNY customs and celebrations.  Connections to learning are made using Chinese songs, rhymes, games, stories and artworks.

Here’s a glimpse of the happenings in our classrooms



Friday 1st February – Full day before CNY holiday

Monday 11th February – classes resume

Please send in any junk e.g. boxes, cups for our make do area. We also need rugs and cushions to accentuate our areas, all donations are greatly appreciated!


Please remember if you have questions or concerns, contact your child’s teacher. We welcome feedback and look forward to working with you to achieve success for every child.

Kindest regards, The Year 1 Team