23 Aug 2019

Yr1 Curriculum Update -30/08/19

Working together to achieve success for every child


We have had an exciting first few weeks in year one getting to know each other. We have welcomed Claire Marciniak as 1C class teacher, and Tanya Hodgson (1K) and Nicole Lau (1T) as educational assistants. This fortnightly newsletter will keep you informed of what the children are learning, the current units of inquiry, and important dates and events.

As we start a new year at KJS our whole school focus is on sustainability. In year one we are carrying on successful sustainable practices from last year, such as composting and recycling paper. We will be continuing to explore ways to reduce our waste and reuse as many products as possible.


Our Unit of Inquiry

Who We Are

Values and beliefs define individuals and communities.

What is important to me. (form)

Choices will hurt or help myself, others and the environment. (causation)

Our responsibility to self, others and the environment. (responsibility)


Transdisciplinary learning-it’s all connected

The children have been learning classroom and school-based systems to familiarise themselves with daily routines and their responsibilities.They have been exploring what we mean by whole body listening and begun to use it during lesson times. They are beginning to inquire into feelings and emotions, and understand how the choices they make are affected by them. Key language we are beginning to use and understand is ‘whole body listening’, ‘expected choices and ‘unexpected choices’.

The children have been learning the language of the classroom, such as the different vocabulary for areas and objects we use e.g. ‘cubbies’ and ‘white boards’.They have been listening to stories and learning partner-talking strategies such as ‘turn and talk’. They have been combining drawing, reading and writing to make books about themselves to share with classmates.


In Maths children have been getting to know themselves as mathematicians and practising mathematical mindsets. They have explored a range of maths tools and seen what they can be used for. They are sharing knowledge about number lines, investigating how to make and record them. We will begin looking at concepts of less and more, numbers before and after, number recognition and counting items carefully.



We were very excited to finally meet our new year 1 students last week. Physical activity at this stage is vitally important not just for wellbeing but also to help ensure your children are ready to learn. We’ve been spending our time getting to know each other and getting used to learning in a new environment. This week we had fun exploring a variety of locomotor actions, learning about the importance of respect for ourselves by valuing our time to get physically active, respect for others through sharing equipment and space and respect for the environment through discussions about how to care for our equipment and KJS spaces.


How you can help at home.

Talk to your child about the first few weeks at school. “What is something new you have done?” “What are you excited about doing tomorrow?” Keep it about the positives and a few simple questions.

Have children see how numbers are everywhere. Go on number hunts looking on transport you travel for numbers, where are numbers in the kitchen, restaurant etc. Ask them to talk about what those numbers mean, like how much money, or how far something is.


Dates to note:

Monday, 2 September: ‘You tell us’ meetings. No school for children this day.

Thursday, 5 September: PTA AGM and Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration.

Tuesday, 10 September: Year One Mandarin ‘You tell us’ meetings.

Thursday, 12 September: School CPD. No school for children this day.

Friday, 30th September: ESF CPD. No school for children this day.