11 Jan 2019

Yr2 Curriculum Update – 11/01/19

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Welcome to the 9th edition!

How We Express Ourselves:  “People express themselves through celebrations.”


Transdisciplinary Learning – It’s all connected!

Students have continued to explore why and how people celebrate this week to deepen their knowledge. They are still using artefacts, but also concentrating on researching using books and their ICT skills to access different sources. While researching, the students have been applying their reading skills. In reading, they have been looking at what is important and interesting in a text.  This has helped students to find out specific information about different celebrations and become excellent researchers.


As part of our unit of inquiry, the students changed the Year 2 shared area and developed ideas for exploration time. Each class took responsibility for an area and designed it so that it linked to celebrations. The students set up the provocations ready for exploration time.



Before Christmas, the students started working on making their writing more interesting. They looked at using expanded noun phrases and adverbs to add more detail. They are now moving onto looking at using different conjunctions in their writing. They have been using and, but, so and because. The students have been applying these new skills to writing about their holidays.

The students are now starting to learn the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ before writing their own stories over the next few weeks.



This week we have been finding out what the students already know about addition. They have been showing us what strategies they already know and sharing them with other students. They will continue developing their strategies over the half term. The students have also been discussing what equipment they can use to help them effectively when adding.



In the Chinese classrooms, Year 2 children continued to inquire into celebrations. At the end of Term 1, we inquired into birthdays, Christmas and then move into the celebration of Chinese New Year in the start of Term 2. Here’s a glimpse of the happenings in our classrooms:


Suggestions for Supporting Learning at Home

Look at adding different objects around your home. What could you add together? Talk to children about how they are finding the answer, not just what the answer is.

Talk about any celebrations that you are attending in January. Discuss how you are celebrating and why you are celebrating.



Important Dates

25th January       School Disco

1st February       Normal School Day

4th February- 8th February     Mid-term Break Starts

25th February – 1st March       Book Week

16th March        KJS School Fair


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The Year 2 Team