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Yr2 Curriculum Update - 15/11/19

Working together to achieve success for every child

Greetings! – It's our 6th edition!

We write a regular newsletter keeping you up-to-date and informed about your child's learning. This will provide you with a good understanding of happenings in Year 2 and how you can support these learning experiences.

Let's Inquire – Where We Are in Place & Time/How We Organise Ourselves

This week, the students continued their learning journeys, inquiring into the central idea, ‘People design shared spaces and systems to strengthen communities.'

Transdisciplinary Learning – It's all connected!

Personal inquiry time has provided students with plentiful learning opportunities to question, explore and reflect upon the different human-made-systems at KJS. From visiting the library and music room to the playground and foyer, these shared spaces have enabled students to examine and analyse their relationships and interconnectedness to systems and communities in a school-based context. Collaborative play-based learning engagements have served as the medium through which students developed their skills of research to plan and reorganise theoretically a shared space at KJS, reflect upon how it works and why it has been designed. Students have continued to collect photographic evidence to document their learning through the use of iPads

Within Maths, learning engagements support students' understanding of the need to recognise, model, read, write and order numbers up to three-digit numbers in sequence and apply place value partition. Students continue to use these understandings to create set mathematical mindset targets, reflect upon their learning and measure their success against co-constructed indicators. Students successfully shared some these targets with parents during recent three-way conferences.

In language, students continue to explore the different writing conventions and parts of sentences (e.g. noun, verb, adjective, etc) through different genres of writing (e.g. free-choice writing, recounts, narratives, etc). Students are now able to use these understandings to create a co-constructed criteria of success containing the different features of sentence writing, setting achievable targets, reflecting upon their learning and measuring their success against the co-constructed indicators.  Students successfully shared some these targets with parents during recent three-way conferences.


Year 2 Assembly

On Friday 22nd November, all parents are invited to attend the Year 2 assembly (2pm-2.30pm). Students will have the opportunity to showcase their learning journeys connected to the unit of inquiry through a variety of mediums. The event will take place in the KJS school hall and seating will be provided for attendees. Parents are kindly requested to ensure they are seated by 1.55pm. We look forward to seeing you all there!


Suggestions for supporting learning at home

  • Practice the Learner Profile song with your child at home. Students will sing this song during the Year 2 Assembly on Friday 22nd November

YouTube Video: YouTube.com/watch?v=ZzHZrua_jdM 1


Friday 22nd November

Year 2 Assembly (2pm-2.30pm) 

Please remember if you have questions or concerns, contact your child's teacher. We welcome feedback and look forward to working with you to achieve success for every child.


Kindest regards,

The Year 2 Team