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Yr2 Curriculum Update - 18/10/19

Working together to achieve success for every child

Greetings! – It's our 4th edition!

We write a regular newsletter keeping you up-to-date and informed about your child's learning. This will provide you with a good understanding of happenings in Year 2 and how you can support these learning experiences.

Let's Inquire – Where We Are in Place & Time/How We Organise Ourselves

This week, the students continued their learning journeys, inquiring into the central idea, ‘People design shared spaces and systems to strengthen communities.'

Transdisciplinary Learning – It's all connected!

This week, students have started to explore the relationships and interconnectedness of shared spaces, human-made-systems and communities at KJS. Class walks around the KJS have enabled students to use their critical and creative thinking skills to examine and analyse the different shared spaces in the local environment; ask questions (e.g. Why have the shared spaces been designed like this? How is the space used? Who uses it?) and collect photographic evidence to document their learning through the use of iPads.

Within Maths, students continue to estimate, compare, describe and measure the lengths of different items using a combination of non-standard (e.g. blocks, paper clips and counters) and standard-units (e.g. centimetres, metres, etc). Part of this inquiry involves exploration into the use of rulers and how their features can help support the accurate measurement of linear objects.

In language, students continue to explore the different writing conventions and parts of sentences (e.g. noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc). Students are using these understandings to create a co-constructed criteria of success containing the different features of sentence writing. Consequently, the students use this criteria to set achievable targets, reflect upon their learning and measure their success against the co-constructed indicators.

Parent Helpers - Would you like to support student learning?

On Monday 21st October, each Year 2 class will open their doors to parent volunteers seeking to support the students learning. Following the parent information session on Tuesday 15th October, all parent volunteers are requested to complete signature of the KJS Parent Essential Agreements, return the document to school and notify their child's class teacher of availability to support learning and teaching.


Year 2 Photo Learning Journeys

Please find attached below the link allowing you access to the students photo learning journeys. With the publication of each Year 2 curriculum update, parents will be provided with the opportunity to view photographs keeping you up-to-date and informed about your child's learning. This will hopefully provide you with a deeper understanding of happenings in Year 2 and how you can support these learning experiences.


Photo Learning Journey Link


Suggestions for supporting learning at home

  • Take a walk around a district of Hong Kong. Observe and discuss the different shared spaces (e.g. parks, etc) and their systems. Discuss their purpose, design and how they support and strengthen communities.

  • Take photographs of these different shared areas (e.g. parks, etc) and systems in Hong Kong or find pictures of different systems in different countries to bring into school. Collect tickets, maps and timetables and look at them together.

  • Design a new shared space at home or a possible transport system for the future. Discuss how these designs can be used to positively impact community.

  • Create maps of towns and systems within them. Look at symbols used on sights and guess what they mean. Discuss which systems are more important and why.

  • Make a list of the different shared spaces and systems you use each day or week in Hong Kong.


Thursday 31st October & 7th November

3 Way Learning Conferences (3-6pm) 

Tuesday 12th November - Friday 15th November

School Photos


Please remember if you have questions or concerns, contact your child's teacher. We welcome feedback and look forward to working with you to achieve success for every child.


Kindest regards,

The Year 2 Team