24 Aug 2018

Yr2 Curriculum Update – 24/08/18

Working together to achieve success for every child

Greetings! – It’s our 1st edition!

We write a regular newsletter keeping you up-to-date and informed about your child’s learning. This will provide you with a good understanding of happenings in Year 2 and how you can support these learning experiences.


Let’s Inquire – Who We Are

2018/19 is all about wellbeing at KJS. In fact, our first unit of inquiry is a school wide focus with all students inquiring into the central idea, “Making choices that develop respectful relationships with ourselves, others and the environment define who we are as individuals and as a community”. This week, Year 2 students have questioned, explored and reflected upon the different types of communities they are part of, identifying what makes these successful. Central to this inquiry has been defining the meaning of a community and their purpose. Collaborative play-based activities have supported student wellbeing, self-management and social skill development, and enabled them to make connections to other aspects of their learning.


‘Success for Every Child – AAROW

You will know ‘Success’ at KJS has a specific definition. It is:

Achievement: students making significant progress with their learning, having a growth mindset, persevering and learning from mistakes.

Agency: students progressively taking control of their learning and knowing what they are learning, how to be successful and reflecting on their learning.

Respect: students being respectful to self, others and the environment.

Opportunity: students being given, and taking advantage of the opportunity to learn in different ways with different people in a range of places developing their critical, creative and collaborative skills

Wellbeing: students developing wellbeing of mind, body, spirit, relationship and having a balanced life.  These then are the AAROWs of Success at KJS.


Let’s Inquire – P.E.

We’re very excited to finally meet our new year 1 students. Physical activity at this stage is vitally important not just for wellbeing but also to help ensure your children are ready to learn. We’ve been spending our time getting to know each other and getting used to learning in a new environment. This week we had fun exploring a variety of locomotor actions, learning about the importance of respect for ourselves by valuing our time to get physically active, respect for others through sharing equipment and space and respect for the environment through discussions about how to care for our equipment and KJS spaces.



Year 2 warmed up their bodies for singing and took part in tongue twister exercises to work on their diction and enunciation in songs these fun activities created a lot of hilarity and were energizing. They sang numerous songs and moved in circles swapping partners in a circle dance, socializing and getting to know each other counting in different languages. They also listened to and discussed many different Instruments in the music room the way they are played and how they are groups in different families and a small band was formed playing together.

In the singing session we sang numerous songs and started to learn a new song in parts.






Friday 31st August

Staff Continuous Professional Development Day (no school for students) 

Monday 3rd September

Welcome Meetings (no school for students, sign-up on Gateway) 

Friday 14th September

KJS Lantern Festival & PTA AGM

Monday 24th September

Staff Continuous Professional Development Day (no school for students) 

Tuesday 25th September

Mid-Autumn Festival (no school for students) 


Please remember if you have questions or concerns, contact your child’s teacher. We welcome feedback and look forward to working with you to achieve success for every child.

Kindest regards,

The Year 2 Team