5 Oct 2018

Yr3 Curriculum Update – 05/10/18

Working together to achieve success for every child


Welcome to our 4th edition!

In each update, the Year 3 Team will bring you snapshots of what your children in Year Three have been up to every 2 weeks. You will see a variety of learning experiences exemplifying learning which is fun, exciting, challenging, innovative and/or creative…and whatever they are, we know that your child has worked really hard to get there and should you have the chance, you may want to share this newsletter with your child to find out the juicy details and discuss the great learning they have been doing!


Transdisciplinary Learning – It’s all connected!

How we express ourselves : Artists can use scientific principles to create’.


The students have been using the scientific method to go further into their inquiries about light.

From earlier experiments, the students have found out that light can travel in a straight line.

Now students are using their understanding of the scientific method to inquire about other ways light can travel from experiments that explore reflection (light bouncing from object to another), refraction (light bending) and dispersion (light splitting into different directions).


In order to connect their knowledge of light to our unit ‘How We Express Ourselves’, the students also took on the role of famous artists and explored how they could use the scientific principles of light to create a piece of art in various forms.



In literacy, the students have continued to explore the features of nonfiction texts, by reading a range of newspapers and nonfiction magazines to explain the purpose of captions, labels, titles, fact boxes etc.


The students also have began writing explanation texts and have been following the writing process to brainstorm, write, edit, revise and publish their work!



In maths, the students have explored Place Value through ongoing challenges where the students needed to connect their prior knowledge of Base 10 Materials to calculate the value of Year 3.


The students explored various ways of finding out the answers in creative ways using a range of strategies that included making the exact base 10 model of Year 3, counting the ones, tens and hundreds or using their knowledge of the Trading Game to trade and calculate the final answer that was 297!


At home you might like to…

  • Set up reflection, refraction or dispersion light experiments and try it with your child!
  • Talk about the nonfiction features in your home readers or child’s library books
  • Ask your child to teach you the place value trading game



Chinese Year 3:

In the Chinese classrooms, we continue to focus on the concept of wellbeing and providing different learning opportunities for children to explore their own interests and promote agentic learning.

Here is a glimpse of some of our classrooms:



A few key reminders for students and parents:

  • Please remind your child to pack his/her hat for school each day, as children who do not bring their hat will not be allowed to take part in snack or lunch play.
  • There are extreme peanut allergies in Year 3, so please make sure your child does not bring nuts to school or eat peanut butter or nutella for breakfast before he/she heads to school.
  • Please remind your child to pack his/her own cutlery as we do not provide extra sets of cutlery at school.


Library news

Like previous years, we will be working with Scholastic Asia to offer students the opportunity to order books from their catalogues. All book order forms from students are handed in to the library where we will centrally collect them and send to Scholastic. There will be a box by the front door where the book orders can be handed in.


Please note the deadlines and book delivery times below. We will not process orders after the order deadline.

Sep Jan Mar
Flyer to classrooms 12/9/2018 14/1/2019 6/3/2019
School order deadline 19/9/2018 21/1/2019 13/3/2019
Book delivery time 19/10/2018 20/2/2019 12/4/2019


Key dates for the Diary

Wednesday 3rd October -Parent Workshop: Your Child and Technology

Thursday 11 October                        Dress Casual Day

15 to 19 October                               Mid Term Break – No school

Thursday 25 October                        3 Way Conference (evening)

29 October to 1 November               Photo Days