6 Jun 2019

Yr3 Curriculum Update – 06/06/19

Working together to achieve success for every child

Welcome to our 18th edition!

In each update, the Year 3 Team will bring you snapshots of what your children in Year Three have been up to every 2 weeks. You will see a variety of learning experiences exemplifying learning which is fun, exciting, challenging, innovative and/or creative…and whatever they are, we know that your child has worked really hard to get there and should you have the chance, you may want to share this newsletter with your child to find out the juicy details and discuss the great learning they have been doing!

Transdisciplinary Learning – It’s all connected!

‘Exploration and discovery leads to change.’


We have been researching how people communicated before the invention of the telephone. We learned that the telegraph was used and that people communicated using Morse code. We tried using Morse code ourselves to appreciate how much slower this it than being able to speak to one another.

We have begun to research, together as a class, the invention of the telephone. Next we will be researching an invention of our own choosing. This time we will be researching individually or in pairs and thinking about how we would like to present our research.



We have been applying our knowledge of multiplication to try and solve this problem.

We came up with our own conjecture – The number in the purple square could be any number except 1!

We then set out to prove or disprove our conjecture. Do you think we were able to prove the conjecture?



In Literacy we are continuing to write stories and thinking about  characters. How can we show what the character is like through what they say and do?

What can you infer about the character from the show don’t tell of these authors in Year Three?


We have been learning to explain what we think using evidence from the text.

I think the character is… because it says in the text …


At home you might like to…

  • Read a book with your child and notice how the author gives, us the reader, information about the character.
  • Discuss inventions you think have made the biggest changes to our lives.



A few key reminders for students and parents:

  • Please remind your child to pack his/her school hat for each day, as children who do not bring their hat will not be allowed to take part in snack or lunch play.
  • There are extreme peanut allergies in Year 3, so please make sure your child does not bring nuts to school or eat peanut butter or nutella for breakfast before he/she heads to school.
  • Please remind your child to pack his/her own cutlery as we do not provide extra sets of cutlery at school
  • Lau, our librarian, says please remember to buy a book bag to protect the library books. Children can bring in cash or cheque of $60 to the PTA to purchase one. Many Thanks


Key dates for the Diary

Important Dates

6-7th June                               No School: Dragon Boat Festival

13th June                                PTA School Disco

28th June                                Last day of school – half day