15 Mar 2019

Yr3 Curriculum Update – 15/03/19

Working together to achieve success for every child

Welcome to our 13th edition!

In each update, the Year 3 Team will bring you snapshots of what your children in Year Three have been up to every 2 weeks. You will see a variety of learning experiences exemplifying learning which is fun, exciting, challenging, innovative and/or creative…and whatever they are, we know that your child has worked really hard to get there and should you have the chance, you may want to share this newsletter with your child to find out the juicy details and discuss the great learning they have been doing!

Transdisciplinary Learning – It’s all connected!                                                       

‘Water is essential to life and is a limited resource for many people.’

As this unit draws to a close some of the children have been summarising their learning about:   

  • Water as a finite resource (form)
  • Access to useable water (causation)
  • Water solutions for our future (responsibility)

Next week we start our new unit about natural disasters. We will get the children to start thinking about the unit this week.                             



The children have enjoyed learning about poetry. This week the children have been choosing their favourite poem (from those they have written themselves) and are currently publishing the poems for a class book. Be sure to take a look at our poetry books when you come to the student led conference!

The children have gone through the writing process; brainstorming ideas, drafting, revising, editing and now presenting their writing.

During our reading time we have been focusing on noticing what we think as we read We shared our thoughts about what we have read in small groups.



In maths we continue to explore and investigate different types of measurement both standard and non standard units. We have thought of some interesting ways to estimate 10 metres and to estimate 10cm and 100cm.

Estimating before measuring plays an important part in having a feel for the size of a unit of measure. We checked our estimates using measuring tools.


Chinese Year 3:

In the Chinese classrooms, we continue to focus on the concept of wellbeing and providing different learning opportunities for children to explore their own interests and promote agentic learning. Connections to learning are made using Chinese songs, rhymes, games and stories.

Here is a glimpse of some of our classrooms:


At home you might like to…

  • Read a story with your child and discuss what you think as you read
  • Estimate the length and width of the rooms in your flat and think of some ways you could measure the length and width. What would be the most effective measurement to use?



A few key reminders for students and parents:

  • Please remind your child to pack his/her school hat for each day, as children who do not bring their hat will not be allowed to take part in snack or lunch play.
  • There are extreme peanut allergies in Year 3, so please make sure your child does not bring nuts to school or eat peanut butter or nutella for breakfast before he/she heads to school.
  • Please remind your child to pack his/her own cutlery as we do not provide extra sets of cutlery at school
  • Lau, our librarian, says please remember to buy a book bag to protect the library books. Children can bring in cash or cheque of $60 to the PTA to purchase one. Many Thanks


Key dates for the Diary

Saturday 16th March –  KJS School Fair

Tuesday 19th March – Author visit by Liz Million

Tuesday 2nd April –  Wear Blue for Autism Day

Monday 8th April – Student Led Conferences

Tuesday 9th April – Student Led Conferences

Thursday 11th April – School Disco