6 Jun 2019

Yr4 Curriculum Update – 06/06/19

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Transdisciplinary Theme – Where we are in place and time  

Learning about past civilisations helps us understand the present


The Year 4 students have been inquiring into the common characteristics of civilisations and societies. Each of the Year 4 classes has had a slightly different take on a simulation game in which the students increasingly acknowledge the need for structure and organisation in a group. They were then able to relate this to how over time ancient civilisations created governments, stable food supplies, social hierarchies, as well as developing methods of communication through the early creation of writing. In each of the classrooms we have timelines displayed which, identify specific times in history. A fun element was to also allow the students to identify what they thought was a significant time in history and for them to actually place it on the timeline.



The students have had an opportunity to undertake a mini research project as part of the unit of inquiry. They have used a strategy to help and develop comprehension of texts called the PEEK. Students apply this strategy by reading a text, then examine what the Pictures tell them, what Every heading tells them, Endings of each paragraph needs to be re-read, Know-now – students record their research notes from the text. This has proven to be a very useful strategy to apply in their current research inquiry and will certainly be of benefit in the future.

The students have been provided with opportunities to present their research findings to the class, therefore challenging and improving their presentation methods.

We would ask you to talk to your child about significant events in history and what this has meant for us living in the present day.

As we move towards the summative assessment in this unit the students will be tasked to create and present information as part of a museum exhibit about an ancient civilisation characteristic.



There has been a continued focus on developing an understanding of identifying and reading fractions of shapes, numbers and objects. Being able to identify common fractions and convert them into order of being either the smallest to the largest value. We would encourage you to provide opportunities to develop your child’s understanding of fractions at home with practical examples.

Our next stage in our Maths focus will be on pattern and function. Students will be tasked to identify various patterns (numbers, shapes, objects) and predict how many will be needed later in the pattern (the Nth term). In doing so the students are starting to develop an early understanding of algebra.


Year 4 Sport – Friday mornings

As we are in the last few weeks of the academic year we have been providing students with a choice of activities for the Friday Sport session – one game in particular called ‘Square’ is proving to be very popular. Some photos below show it being played in the gym with great enthusiasm.



Chinese Year 4:

In the Chinese classrooms, we continue to focus on the concept of wellbeing and providing different learning opportunities for children to explore their own interests and promote agentic learning.

Here is a glimpse of some of our classrooms:


Important Dates

Hebe Haven & Trio Beach Excursion –

13 June Thursday

4C, 4F, 4D (½ class)

14 June Friday

4M, 4K, 4D (½ class)

fingers crossed for the weather this time!

Between June 12 to June 20 – Dental appointments