15 Feb 2019

Yr4 Curriculum Update – 15/02/19

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Transdisciplinary Learning – It’s all connected!

The natural world inspires creative expression.


Y4 Camp

Our camp is quickly approaching and the excitement can be felt in Year 4! Here’s a quick checklist to help guide families as we get closer to our departure:

  • Does your student take regular medication? If so, have you filled out the camp medical authorisation form and sent it back in? Please remember these are due by March 1
  • Have you gone over the kit list to see if your student has everything they need?
  • Has your student had the opportunity to unpack and repack their own bag for camp?
  • Has everything been labeled clearly with their name?

Attached to this newsletter are the kit list, medical authorisation form and camp presentation for your review!


UOI & Literacy

Using the skills they learned at the beginning of the unit, students are now focusing on creating their final piece of art to showcase during our Art Show on March 4th. Exploring the creative process has been a central focus for us in understanding how feedback can help guide our progress and how important it is to plan and research.

Y4 students began the “first draft” of their final art piece this week. They chose their medium of choice and went to the designated classroom for it, giving them a chance to learn with different students outside of their classroom. 


We hope you can join us for our Y4 Art Show.


Keywords: natural world, inspiration, expression, creative cycle, artist, three dimensional, sculpture, artistic, process,

Consider exploring these keywords in your children’s mother tongue to help comprehension.



Our central idea is:

The four operations are connected to each other and are used to solve problems.

Students will move into division these next few weeks while continuing to use visuals and a variety of strategies. The NRICH website has a variety of online and printable games that are fun to explore at home.

Key maths vocabulary:

Visualisecan you create an image in your head which shows the problem?

Connectionshow does the problem/situation connect to other things?

Questionswhat questions can you ask to deepen your understanding?

Multiply, times, groups of, lots of, repeated addition, product, array, divided by, share equally, group, divide into, divide,



In the Chinese classrooms, we continue to focus on the concept of wellbeing and providing different learning opportunities for children to explore their own interests and promote agentic learning.

Here is a glimpse of some of our classrooms:


Important Dates

25 February to 1 March                  Book Week

27 & 28 February                            Book Fair

Friday March 1                                Book Parade

Monday March 4                             Y4 Art Show in the KJS Library, 2:00-2:45 pm

6 to 8 March                                    Y4 Camp