11 Jan 2019

Yr5 Curriculum Update – 11/01/19

Working together to achieve success for every child


Welcome Back!

The new year is here, the new term has begun and to welcome Ms Alarcon to the team, we have a new picture for the Update!  We hope that all our Year 5 families had a relaxing and enjoyable time with loved ones.

The children have certainly returned with energy levels refreshed and their regular enthusiasm for learning.  It has only been three days of school at the time of writing this and already they have thrown themselves in their new Inquiry, some maths, writing and reading.


Unit of Inquiry

Our new Unit is:  Where we are in place and time

The theme for this unit is described below and the highlighted parts show what we will be focusing on.

An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations; from local and global perspectives.

Central Idea

Humans continue to migrate for many reasons.


Lines of Inquiry

  • There are many reasons why people move and those reasons are called “push” and “pull” factors (causation)
  • Migration can have both positive and negative effects on the host country and home country (change)
  • People (individual or community) respond differently to change and the way they respond can affect their choices and behaviours (perspective)

Please do start discussing these ideas and concepts with your children and if you have any family histories that might connect to the learning, share those with them too.



To start tuning in to the new Unit the children have begun reading various fiction and non-fiction texts about different migratory journeys made by different people for various reasons.

As specific teaching points during the unit, we will be looking into how narratives can share important ideas and stories about the experiences of moving from one place to another and also at how we can collect data from reading materials.

We will be using writing in various ways during the Unit, but specifically to record data, and to share stories through narratives in both prose and poetry.



Throughout this unit, we will be looking into and learning about Data Handling, with a focus on the collection of data.  One of the resources that the children now have readily at their disposal is the Google Form tool.  This, along with more analogue methods will become part of their tool set for collecting data.  Of course, hand-in-hand with the collection of data goes the recording, organising, presenting and analysis of it, and no doubt those opportunities will be part of the experience too.



In the Chinese classrooms, we continue to focus on the concept of wellbeing and providing different learning opportunities for children to explore their own interests and promote agentic learning.

Here is a glimpse of some of our classrooms:


Key Dates for the Diary

Tuesday 15th January        PTA Meeting.

Wednesday 16th January  Christian Aid visiting Year 5 to share migration stories.

Thursday 17th January       Y5 Mandarin consultations