12 Apr 2019

Yr5 Curriculum Update – 12/04/19

Working together to achieve success for every child


Dear Parents,

Thank you for your participation during student-led conferences this week.  It was a pleasure seeing the students sharing with you and being able to proudly celebrate their learning.

Unit of Inquiry

Our current Unit of Inquiry is: How We Organise Ourselves and How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea

Producers and consumers play interdependent roles within a business system.

Lines of Inquiry

  • What businesses need to work (form)
  • The techniques of media (function)
  • The interdependence of the parts of a business (connection)
  • The ethical responsibility of producers and consumers in a market economy (responsibility)

This week students were excited to have a hands-on learning experience where they were able to apply their knowledge and test out some skills and strategies during Mini Market Day.  Students were tasked with designing and creating a product suitable for Year 6s out of the resources and materials provided.  In groups or independently, students needed to budget for the resources and consider their target market to create a product they thought would be successful.  Students learnt how to manage their time, delegate roles and work collaboratively.  During reflection, the students were able to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as think about what they would do differently when they create their business for Market Day next term.

We continue to use a range of media techniques as a way to persuade consumers to buy our products. Students are continuing to improve their marketing skills and apply their understanding of media techniques in a variety of ways.



Our literacy learning this week has continued to support the inquiry into the techniques of media.  In writing, we continue to focus on word choice as well as using a variety of sentence structures such as simple, compound and complex sentences.  We have analysed and evaluated slogans of well-known brands and had a go at creating our own slogan. Students concluded that catchy slogans are short and simple, often no more than three words and related to the product.



We have recently begun a new unit on Shape and Space. Our central idea for this unit is: Geometry allows us to make sense of and interact with our world.

Our lines of inquiry are as follows:

  • Describing the world accurately using the language of geometry. (Form)
  • How shapes and objects can be changed in position and size (Change)
  • The relationship between 2D shapes and 3D objects (Connection)

We have continued to inquire into tessellating shapes and explored why some shapes can tile while others cannot. The children have been exploring using protractors and compasses to measure angles and draw circles. They have started to investigate the perimeter and area of rectangles and will be looking to see patterns and develop rules to help calculate them.



In our Chinese classrooms, we continue to focus on the concept of wellbeing and providing different learning opportunities for children to explore their own interests and promote agentic learning.

Here is a glimpse of some of our classrooms:

Have a safe and happy holiday, we look forward to seeing the students after the break.

Kind regards,

The Year 5 team


Key Dates for the Diary

  • Last day of term – 12th April (half day)
  • First Day of Term 3 – 29th April
  • Labour Day (No School) – 1st May
  • Buddha’s Birthday (No School) – 13th May