21 Jun 2019

Yr5 Curriculum Update – 21/06/19

Working together to achieve success for every child


Dear Parents,

Wow! What an amazing celebration of learning we had last week on Market Day.  All of the students successfully set up their stalls, used their advertising and marketing techniques and had a real-life experience of running a business. We would like to thank you for all your support throughout this unit, from taking your children to buy their materials, organising change for their float, to attending on the day to see and discuss all the learning. We know that the students appreciated your support and were proud to show you their final product. All proceeds made are going to WWF Hong Kong.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support this year and wish you a safe and happy summer holiday.


Unit of Inquiry

Our current Unit of Inquiry is: How We Organise Ourselves and How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea

Producers and consumers play interdependent roles within a business system.

Lines of Inquiry

  • What businesses need to work (form)
  • The techniques of media (function)
  • The interdependence of the parts of a business (connection)
  • The ethical responsibility of producers and consumers in a market economy (responsibility)

Students were engaged learners throughout the How We Organise Ourselves and How We Express Ourselves unit.  They covered a range of different concepts and were able to apply these concepts to run a business and sell their products at Market Day.

Below are a selection of statements from students reflecting on the unit.


Charlotte Raeburn-Ward, 5P

We did all sorts of things in the preparation for Market Day.  We made prototypes like plushies and tiger rolls and also finished our spreadsheet.  I used fine motor skills, time management and tried to be organised.  I thought that the making prototypes went well as we were able to improve our products but I found making the Tiger Rolls challenging because the head and bottom kept falling off!

The best thing about it was knowing that all the money we raised would go to support a cause that we had chosen.


Napatr Kaweepati, 5P

Part of our goal was trying to get people to get interested in origami and reading. Not many people are really interested in those two things. Once our customers have seen our products, we hope they will want to try making them.

We have learnt to share ideas and put them together because, well, in the end, we ended up with three ideas. Not five, not four, just 3. So we compromised all our ideas and turned it into three. In the end, we managed to sell all our products. Lots of people were interested in the ninja star guns. The customers really liked our products.

To make Market Day even better, we would make more ninja star guns. We would also save some stuff for other year groups because all the year three’s brought almost all our products!

My favourite thing about Market Day was actually selling the product because people who were buying from us had smiles on their faces!


Pari Pandey, 5M

While going through this unit, I had to use a few skills, and those are: My creativity skills to make the signs and advertisements persuasive, My teamwork and time management skills to get things done fast,Resolving conflicts so we are more organized and we get along together, we also had to present data to the dragons den. Last but not least we had to adopt a variety of group roles so that we can stay on task. My favourite part of this unit is making my products and selling them at market day because I got an idea of how it feels to run a business and I got to have fun with my friends!


Shaila Aswani, 5M

My favourite part was when we did mini market day because during real market day I learnt from my mistakes. I struggled with the money side of things because I didn’t get it and i got confused. I used my time management and my creativity to manage the time I had to create creative products. I think that our stress balls were the most successful because we ended up with only four left.


Harry Zhang, 5T

Before Market Day we had to learn some advertising techniques,  like the C.R.A.B principles. The C.R.A.B principles stands for contrast, repetition, alignment and balance. Contrast means how the colors look good together. Repetition means repeating an image in the advertisement, to make the message clear. Alignment means the arrangement of the images and words in the advertisement, and finally Balance means the amount of words and images in an advertisement. We used these strategies to create our own advertisements.



Students have continued to consider Word Choice with many students expanding and investigating their vocabulary choices. Another area that the children have been learning about is Conventions. The students have been encouraged to go further in their knowledge of punctuation and how it is used to aid readers. The Year 5s will be utilising this knowledge over the last two weeks to enhance their creative writing skills.

In  reading the students will be focussing determining importance, as they analyse and evaluate a variety of text types.



We continue to inquire into fractions decimals and percentages for our maths learning. The central idea for this inquiry is Fractions, decimal fractions and percentages are ways of representing whole-part relationships. Students are exploring how fractions, decimals and percentages are represented (Form), how fractions can help us describe the world around us (Connection) and how fractions work (Function). The children have been using some real data gathered during the Market Day to analyse their profits. Many were surprised by calculating the return on their initial investment, with some groups recording over 100% return on their Dragons’ Den investment,



In the Chinese classrooms, we continue to focus on the concept of wellbeing and providing different learning opportunities for children to explore their own interests and promote agentic learning.

Here is a glimpse of some of our classrooms:

Kind regards,

The Year 5 team

Key Dates for the Diary:

  • Friday 28 June   Last day of school – Half day
  • Tuesday 13 August   First day of 2019/2020 school year