24 Aug 2018

Yr5 Curriculum Update – 24/08/18

Working together to achieve success for every child



Welcome back to all our Year 5 families.  We hope that you have had a wonderful  berak with your wonderful children and that everyone is refreshed and raring to launch into another year of learning.

The Year 5 team sees the arrival of some newish faces, and one brand new face!  We are, from left to right top row, Dom Parry, Dana MacLennan, Vanessa Shepperd, Katie Tucker and Ian Wishart and bottom row, Diana Chutt and Pat Turver.  We will be working with all the Year 5 Learners, with a special focus on, and relationship with, our own classes.  Diana and Pat are both parents of KJS alumni and both are completely committed to the wellbeing of the current students, we are very lucky to have two such excellent Educational Assistants working with Year 5.



The first two weeks have been focused on how we can make, strengthen and sustain positive relationships, thereby giving everyone the best chance at wellbeing.

The children have inquired into what a positive relationship is, and what tools they have, or can acquire, to build and maintain those. They have had opportunities in Maths and English to work collaboratively and to share their ideas, feelings and strategies with each other.

The Mandarin, Performing Arts and PE teams have been working closely with the Year Group to carry this experience across everything we have done since returning and we feel that this has given the children a wonderful start to the year, one full of fun, challenge and a real sense of “Together, we can do amazing things.”


Here are some images from the first two weeks back.




Our Y5 students have spent last week preparing for their Amazing Race. A series of group challenges designed to test their physical and mental abilities and of course, crucially, their ability to work with others, deal with situations when it goes a little wrong (which it did)) and engage with their classmates with a fun, positive attitude. At this time of year, this gives our students an opportunity to identify and reflect on areas of wellbeing they may want to be mindful of and develop in the weeks to come.



Year five warmed up their bodies for singing and took part in tongue twister exercises to work on their diction and enunciation in songs, these fun activities created a lot of hilarity and were energizing . They learned a new part song and sung songs to prepare for assembly (pitch). We discussed the new opportunities this year in music co-curricular program and we prepared the students for the Amazing Race where the challenge in music is to produce different sounds by the use of Brass, flute and Reed techniques and change the pitch using ‘Junk Materials’ and Household items.



Important Dates:

31 August                  No classes for students.

September 3rd          Welcome Meetings (no students that day) – sign up on gateway