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Yr6 Curriculum Update - 01/11/19

Working together to achieve success for every child

The Year 6 Team


Welcome to the 5th edition of our Year 6 Curriculum Update!


It was great to see some parents this week during our 3 Way Parent Teacher Conference. We have started our new Unit under the Transdisciplinary theme ‘ “Where We Are in Place and Time''. It has been a fantastic week. Our Year 6 students went on a heritage walk to KGV school to explore how it's heritage is similar and different from our school.. It was heartening to see our historians in action, gathering the information from KGV school leaders and staff to learn about its heritage and history.


Transdisciplinary Learning – It's all connected!

In Inquiry, we have started a new unit (Where We Are In Place and Time). The central idea is “conserving heritage enables people to appreciate the past”. Our lines of inquiry are:

How values influence what is worth conserving (perspective)

How heritage connects us ( Connection)

Heritage, and how it is identified ( Causation).

Some classes have had a chalk talk to write what they think they already knew about these words(Conservation, Heritage, local heritage, global heritage, personal heritage, civilisation, primary and secondary sources of information, culture and progress).  We have had some classes who are lucky enough to have in Ms. Lau and ESF teacher Ms. Oliver in to explain about the research cycle.The research cycle is a cycle for research. 

In Reading, classes have been pairing up and collaborating with each other as “reading buddies” and are working together on learning to infer, a skill which helps readers define a word they don't know using only the text. When you infer,  you use text clues and your background knowledge to help you decipher the meaning of the unfamiliar word.

Some classes have started pairing up with some kids in Sarah Roe Jockey Club to read and explore the library of KJS.

In Mandarin, Some classes have learned about hobbies such as playing soccer, playing basketball, cooking, playing the piano, playing the cello, ETC. Others have been learning about describing clothing in a more specific way. In some classes, students have been playing an entertaining game about memorizing the vocabulary by heart. For setting up, the groups would stand on a piece of newspaper. How the game worked was that the teacher would call out a question and the first group of two that raised their hands would have a chance to answer the question. If they pronounced the characters correctly, everyone else would have to fold their newspaper in half. If a group could not fit in a newspaper, they would be eliminated, and the last group standing would win.

Another class have been working on preparing for the writing challenge. A writing challenge is a challenge to test your level of writing vocabulary sentence structures learnt throughout the unit that you have been inquiring into. A writing challenge normally takes place every 3-4 weeks, depending on the classes level of writing.

In Maths, some classes have started learning about fractions. We have started using lego fractions, fraction challenges and area models to understand equal parts of a whole. Classes have been creating 3D models out of Pipe cleaners and plastic straws so they can visualise what they are doing. Many of our teachers have been giving us Challenges so they can see our understanding about fractions.

In Music, students have learned to compose their chorus and verse for “Groove your class off”. While they have been composing their music, they have been drawing using their creativity and drawing what the music would look like. They have been finishing off and getting ready to perform to the rest of the class.

Some pupils have been struggling to pick songs from the selected choosing, which than the music teacher has helped them to pick a beat to play to. Ms. Ho and Mr. Kam are choosing people for a future KJS rock band and some of them will be chosen to sing, play the keyboard, rock guitar and so much more.

In PE, In most year 6 classes, children have been creating their own easy dance with some equipment based on some easy movements they learned.  They have practiced for more than 6 weeks and have made more challenging movements to make their dance more interesting by using the same beats and music to create a more challenging dance.  They have done a great job and already took a final video of their dance for their reflection. They answered a survey and reflected on what we created and done. The survey questions were mostly about how we acted and what you enjoyed.


Library News:

Congratulations to all the winners of the design challenge!!! We hope your product will help our year 6 shared area a better place!!!



Some Y6's have volunteered to go to the Jockey Club Sarah Roe School on Thursday, the 31st to help kids with math day. They have been getting prepared to teach kids all about maths, they have been learning that the students at the school have some disabilities, which they have been learning sign language. At the same time, students have been visiting Sarah Roe School to read stories to the students there.


Important dates

Friday 1 November                  Dress Casual Day for Community Chest

7 November                              3 Way Learning Conference (3-6pm)

12 – 15 November                     School Photo

Friday 15 November                 Bingo Night

Friday 22 November                 Y1-3 Assembly

26 – 29 November                    Y6 Camp