6 Jun 2019

Yr6 Curriculum Update – 06/06/19

Working together to achieve success for every child

The Year 6 Team


Welcome to the 17th edition of our Year 6 Curriculum Update!

It is heartwarming to see that our students have a really good understanding of the action that they have/will take. Over the last two weeks, students have contacted various non profit organisations in order to get more information on their NGO  and how to take action in myriad ways. We think it is important to encourage our  children to continue making these genuine, sustainable links with the organizations that they have connected with during the exhibition. This good work should not stop here. Kindly continue the discussions at home about how they can continue their action today, tomorrow, next week, until the end of the year, next year and so on; and how this action can be made sustainable. We as adults, need to embed these issues into who we are on a long-term basis, so that our children can possibly continue the good work all the way through their secondary school. Can you Imagine how much of a head start these students will have on CAS, Community and Service when they move to secondary School?


PYP Exhibition– It’s all connected!

WEEK 3 and 4:

We have reached week 3 of the PYP Exhibition, where we have started researching our global goals/issues. We have been researching using the MISO method- Media, Interview, Survey, and Observation.

  • Some students have begun using the M in MISO, which is Media and going on relevant websites that connect to their topic. They will have to cite the websites in a bibliography.
  • The I stands for Interview and some students have been doing interviewing parents, NGOs, etc so they can get information about their issue.
  • The S in MISO stands for Survey, some classes are beginning to learn how to design an effective survey based on success criteria.
  • The O stands for observation. Some students observed a landfill site to help them in Exhibition.


Groups have already started thinking about what they can do to take action.

A special request: It is a long weekend this week and students will be gearing up to take action for their issue. Please support your child in taking action for their  exhibition by taking them to places that might help them to take action such as a beach cleanup, or a dog shelter. Please check with your child what action they are intending to take.

We have been busy taking INCAS tests on their computers. It tests them on a variety of skills, like maths and literacy.

In Maths, some classes were doing some tasks about percentages with a variety of different ways.

In Mandarin, most classes have begun to use Chinese to research and present their Y6 Exhibition learning journey. Some classes are tracking their progress in Chinese and learning the 17 Global Goals in Mandarin.

We have also started learning their Mandarin Y6 Exhibition song, ‘Sing for 2030’. Most classes have been writing down the pronunciations of the words and learning the tune.

In PE, some classes have been learning the importance of teamwork in tag games and developing their spatial awareness in a running and tag game. We have also been reflecting on our entire P.E. experience and thinking about the different things we have done, like movement composition and individual pursuits.

In Music, students have already started on learning the songs that they will be singing in the PYP Exhibition showcase and we are making our own styles of songs we like or listen to.

We have also begun learning about song compositions and composing our own songs with LMMS, a music-making app.


Important dates

  • Thursday 6th June CPD Day – No school
  • Friday 7th June Dragon Boat Festival – no school
  • Tuesday 11th June ESF Festival of Dance
  • Thursday 13th June Disco Night
  • Thursday 20th June Year 6 PYP Exhibition Showcase
  • Thursday 27th June Leavers Assembly
  • Friday 28th June Last day of school-half day
  • Monday 1st July The Summer holidays begin



Dear Parents,

Please note that students will be sending an email to you every week about their PYP Exhibition process and what they have been doing. Please take time out to read and reply to your child’s email. Thank you in advance for your support!



Kind regards,

Student Editors and Photographers (Sewon 6A, Rosie 6A, Braddock 6E, Zachary 6E, John 6G, Luke 6G, Jerry 6L, Josh 6L, Anushri 6P, Manya 6P)