10 May 2019

Yr6 Curriculum Update – 10/05/19

Working together to achieve success for every child

The Year 6 Team


Welcome to the 15th edition of our Year 6 Curriculum Update!

In each update, you will be able to see glimpses of the learning journey that our students have been involved in over the previous two weeks. Our Learning Journey is written by teachers and students.

We will be starting our last Unit in preparation for exhibition. It is under the transdisciplinary theme ‘How We Express Ourselves’. Our students will be working collaboratively to conduct an in-depth inquiry into real life issues or problems and connect them to the global goals.  In this process, students collectively synthesise all of the essential elements of the PYP in ways that will  be shared with the whole KJS community on 20th June 2019. In order to find more about the global goal please watch this video.

PYP EXHIBITION 2019 and Year 6 Leavers Assembly

Dear Parents,

Please note these following dates in your diary:

  1. PYP Exhibition Showcase – 20th of June from 5:30 to 7:00 pm.
  2. Year 6 leavers – Thursday 27th June at 2:00pm.


Transdisciplinary Learning – It’s all connected!

In Inquiry, we have started the summative assessment for this unit. It was about a problem at school, home or community, and we have to design a solution for it. We have been very busy working on our prototypes.

To help us know where we are and our next steps, we have started using peer coaching in year 6.  Peer coaching helps you think deeper about what you are doing and your next steps. Peer coaching is based on the GROW Coaching Model, where the concept’ making people think’ is a core principle. Coaches encourage self-directed learning by asking the type of questions that direct the coachee’s focus inward. Coached believe that every ‘coachee’ has the capability to be active participants in solving their own problems and deciding how best to move forward. This coaching model was first published by Sir John Whitmore in 1992.

In Maths, some classes have been learning about coordinates. One class is working on area fractions and Farey sequences. Farey sequences are patterns of fractions from smallest to largest. For example, has all the fractions with denominators, in their simplest forms, no greater than x. Other classes have been doing a maths problem called the snowflake problem. The students have made a snowflake out of a square sheet of paper. After they have made a snowflake, the students tried to figure out how much paper they have cut out and estimated the amount of the paper cut out as a fraction.

In Mandarin, in one class, we have been preparing for our end unit assessment. In another class, we have been doing various role plays to help us in our fluency. We have also been working very hard on researching Chinese stories to help in our learning.

In PE, we have been getting ready for the end-ball championships. Each player has a role and responsibility. On Mondays, during our sports sessions we are working on different skills with different teachers.

In Music, we are composing our own version of Canon on the computers and then playing it to see if it will match the original Canon — according to Mr. Davenport.

Library news: Dear parents, please remind your children to use the new KJS library book bags in library sessions, starting from term 3, children will not be able to borrow books if they do not use the new library book bags.


  • Friday 10th May Bingo Night
  • Monday 13th May School Holiday
  • Wednesday 15th May Year 6 immunization
  • Friday 24th May S.F. Festival of Dance
  • Thursday 6th June CPD day-no school
  • Friday 7th June Dragon Boat Festival- no school
  • Thursday 13th June Disco Night
  • Thursday 20th June Year 6 PYP Exhibition
  • Thursday 27th June Leavers Assembly
  • Friday 28th June Last day of the school-half day