15 Nov 2019

Yr6 Curriculum Update – 15/11/19

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The Year 6 Team


Transdisciplinary Learning – It’s all connected!

In Inquiry, we have been exploring personal and local heritage. Some classes have inquired about world heritage and how it is identified. We have learned that in November 1972 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) inaugurated the list by adopting a treaty known as the World Heritage Convention. Its continuing goal is to recruit the world community in identifying cultural and natural properties of “outstanding universal value.” UNESCO has created  a list of criteria that helps governments and people around the world identify what is heritage and they try to preserve them. If you wish to learn about this criteria, please find this article from National Geographic.com.

In Reading, Teachers have been reading a story to their class called music on the bamboo radio. It is the story is about a boy called Nicholas Holdford, who has been smuggled to the mainland of China, disguised as a Chinese; not knowing whether his parents are alive or dead. Nicholas spends the rest of the war in a remote peasant village.

In Mandarin, some classes we have been learning how to sing songs. In Maths,  the year 6 classes have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We have been learning that decimals are just another way of writing fractions, and they are also called decimal fractions. We also explored percentages and now we know that percentages are simply hundredths and are a third way of writing decimals and fractions.

In Music, groups of fives have been finishing off their groove your classroom unit. In this unit, Y6 have been learning about composing their pieces that they wrote themselves. Some of the songs that groups chose were T.N.T., Que sera sera, Believer, and so on.

In PE, We have started a new unit called athletics.

In the new unit we have been preparing for next month’s sports day. In athletics we have been practicing our running, jumping and throwing. The main thing about this unit is that we need to beat our “ Personal Best” every single week!



Some Y6’s have volunteered to go to the Jockey Club Sarah Roe School on Thursday, the 31st to help kids with math day. They have been getting prepared to teach kids all about maths, they have been learning that the students at the school have some disabilities, which they have been learning sign language. At the same time, students have been visiting Sarah Roe School to read stories to the students there.


Important dates

26 – 29 November                              Y6 Camp

Friday 6 December                             Whole school assembly

Friday 13 December                           Last day of term – Half day (finish at 12pm)

16 December – 3 January                   Term Break

Monday 6 January                              First day of Term 2



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Year 6 Teachers and Students Editors and Photographers

(Aryan Bhandari,Reyaan Jhaveri, Herina Nathirmal Erin Chow , Charlotte Raeburn-Ward, Joon Kyi Min, Drea Kalyani , Shreyash Dugar, Uriel Na, Koyal Narwani and Andrew Chan)