21 Jun 2019

Yr6 Curriculum Update – 21/06/19

Working together to achieve success for every child

The Year 6 Team



Welcome to the 17th (and last) edition of our Year 6 Curriculum

Congratulations to our Year 6 students for their successful presentations in this year’s IB PYP Exhibition 2019. It was lovely to see how our Year 6 students articulated their passions, issues and their actions confidently. It was a great show of collaboration, cooperation, teamwork and understanding. The learners exhibited the IB Skills, and Learner Profile attributes in the best possible way. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers, mentors and parents for nurturing our learners and helping them through each and every step.  We have now come to the end of the PYP journey for the KJS Y6 students and wish them all the best in their secondary schools.


A note to the parents from Year 6 students

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support during the Exhibition! The exhibition was great since it was a terrific chance to save the environment and raise awareness about the problems in the world. We will soon be leaving KJS to start our secondary schools. We’re sad about leaving, but at the same time excited for new beginnings.


Here is what some of our students said about PYPX 2019

“Exhibition was good since we collaborated. We had a lot of agency and some time to get our goals completed. We got to do a lot of research which would help when we’re adults.” – Krish Baliga, 6A

“Exhibition was fun and helpful. I got to practise my skills and learn a lot about the issues in the world. I think these skills will help us in the future when we’re adults.” – Sewon Bang, 6A

“For me, Exhibition was very successful since l learnt a lot myself and l believe l had spread the message about access to clean water already since a lot of people agreed with me that they would save water and take action” – Portia Wong, 6P

‘We had a deadline to meet so it was pretty stressful. And working with my brother and Jeff was a bit hard sometimes since they were sometimes mucking around, but we got there in the end. I had a lot of fun doing it.’ – Marcus Mai, 6A on his work on Mendarain Ivensada.


Important dates

  • Thursday 27th June Leavers Assembly/Shared Snack
  • Friday 28th June Last day of school – half day
  • Monday 1st July The Summer holidays begin



Kind regards,

Student Editors and Photographers (Sewon 6A, Rosie 6A, Braddock 6E, Zachary 6E, John 6G, Luke 6G, Jerry 6L, Josh 6L, Anushri 6P, Manya 6P)