25 Jan 2019

Yr6 Curriculum Update – 25/01/19

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The Year 6 Team




Welcome to the 10th edition of our Year 6 Curriculum Update!

On Tuesday, our year 6 students experienced a very exciting day at KGV and met their future teachers, participated in the lessons and met with their Year 10 buddies. Students continued with their research about renewable, non-renewable sources of energy and their connection with climate change. Non-renewable energy sources include fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Fossil fuels such as coal and oil are all carbon based. In Hong Kong, the most common energy sources are electricity, town gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), diesel and petrol. Town gas and LPG are commonly used for cooking and heating water at home. Petrol is the most common fuel for passenger cars. Ships and heavy vehicles burn diesel as fuel. So,it is important to note that all energy currently consumed in Hong Kong comes directly or indirectly from fossil fuels. The Paris Agreement requires all the countries to increase their consumption of Renewable energy and currently our creative Y6 learners are busy learning about the solutions to fight this problem of climate change.

Chinese New year celebrations are just round the corner and we wish all our parents a very happy Chinese New Year of the Pig!

In each update, you will be able to see glimpses of the learning journey that our students have been involved in over the previous two weeks. Our Learning Journey is written by teachers and students.


 Transdisciplinary Learning – It’s all connected!

In Inquiry, we visited Zero Carbon Building-the first in HK- to find out more about energy, carbon emissions and how we can reduce the amount of carbon used.  Students learned about electricity, water and the other finite resources that we use every day, as well as what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. Last Friday, 27 NGOs visited our school to educate ESF students about the problems we are facing and how we could help. We have interviewed students from Year 6 about what they liked about NGO Day and which NGO was their favorite.

“I think NGO day was pretty good because we got to learn some new things and we got to lead and meet students from other schools. My favorite NGO was Ark Eden because they gave me lots of information about HK’s native species and what the government would do and the impact it would have on animals.”  – Zachary Lo 6E

“I think the NGO day was pretty fun. My favourite NGO was Plastic Free Seas because it gave lots of information about plastic pollution.” – Marigold Wong 6P

 “I think NGO day was fun. I think that Eagle Owl on Lantau was fun because we got to grow a tiny tomato plant. I also liked Clean the World Foundation because we got to take home some recycled soap.” –Manya Joshi 6P

“My favorite NGO was the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society because it gave me lots of interesting facts, such as different kinds of human actions that can hurt dolphins.”  Rachel Wong 6L

Tuesday was our KGV Transition Day and all the Year 6 students graduating to KGV in June visited the campus to meet some of our future teachers and learn about the different places in the school.

In Maths, We have been learning how to plot a pie chart, line graph and bar graph, as well as how to measure angles using the protractor.

In Mandarin, we had a Cultural Day. On our Cultural Day, we made Chinese tradition related things dumplings, Chinese green onion pancakes, and traditional Chinese decorations to stick on windows and doors.

In Music, we have been learning how to compose our own music composition piece based on ‘Canon in D’ with melodies, chords, rhythms, dynamics and layers.

In PE, we have been learning different techniques to improve our jumping, running and throwing skills. This will be the last week to

Library news:  There is a book writing contest, in which students can enter their own chapter books/ picture books/ Mother Tongue books/ comics for the chance to get published. The deadline for the Book Writing contest is February 1st (next Friday).


  • Year 6 Shared lunch (next Friday- February 1st, 2019)
  • Chinese New Year Break (2nd Feb- 10th Feb)
  • Book Week (February 25th-1st March)




Kind regards,

Year 6 Teachers and Students Editors and Photographers

(Minchae 6P, Arthur 6G, Ava 6E, Mannat 6P,  Adelaide 6G,  Jaeyun 6L, Matthew 6E, Rachel 6L, Cyrus 6E, Devanshi 6A, and Sian 6A)