Learning Support

In line with our vision Success for Every Child’ our aim is to support all students to realize their potential and to be offered a curriculum that isengaging, relevant and challenging’. As an inclusive school it is the goal of all stakeholders to strive to ensure that all students are present, participating and achieving to the best of their ability. The Individual Needs Department work alongside parents, teachers and outside support agencies to ensure all that students are given every chance to reach their potential at Kowloon Junior School.




At KJS we believe that:

  • All students should be offered full access to a broad, balanced and relevant education, and offered an appropriate curriculum 
  • All students should have their needs identified and addressed as soon as possible within the school’s available resources 
  • The views of the student should be sought and taken into account 
  • Parents have a vital role to play in supporting their child’s education 

The Individual Needs Department 

At KJS, provision for students with individual needs falls into four categories:

  1. Students who have a significant difficulty in learning than the majority of students of the same age or who have a disability, which either prevents or hinders them from making use of educational facilities of a kind provided in ESF schools for students of the same age.
  2. Students who need extra support to access the curriculum within the mainstream provision. These students’ needs require less extensive adaptations to teaching and learning and are catered for within mainstream classes. These students may have difficulties in maintaining attention, delays in language, delays or difficulties in the development of academic skills or in self-regulation, social or emotional wellbeing. 
  3. Students who need additional language support to be able to successfully access the curriculum in English. 
  4. Students who are performing significantly higher than the majority of students of the same age in a particular area and need a modified programme of instruction. 

Should you have any concerns about your child your first action should be to contact your child’s class teacher.