School Council

School Councillors come from many different backgrounds, reflecting the many varied groups in ESF schools and the wider community. They are people with a genuine interest in education and a commitment to ensuring the best possible education for students in ESF schools. They undertake their roles on a voluntary basis. School Councillors are prepared to share their knowledge, skills and experience for the good of the school as a whole.


Chairman & EX-Officio

Mr Andrew Nowak  (Chairman)

Mr Jamie Schmitz  (Principal)

Ms Vivian Cheung (CFO – ESF rep)


Community Members

Mr Calvin Leung  (Community Rep)

Ms Cindi Hui (Community Rep)


Parents Members

Ms Anna Rayton  (Parent Rep – PTA Chair)

Ms Susanna Hung  (Parent Rep)

Mr Jack Ng (Parent Rep)


Teacher Members

Mrs Dawn Doucette  (Teacher Rep – Vice Principal)

Ms Diane May  (Teacher Rep)

Mrs Aarti Gupta  (Teacher Rep)


SLT and Support Staff Member

Mr Ciarian Fay  (Vice Principal)

Mrs Jane Parker  (Vice Principal)

Mr Ellie Lo  (Support Staff Rep)