New Year 1

Information for New Year One (children born in 2014)

A very warm welcome to Kowloon Junior School. We are very much looking forward to working in partnership with you to achieve our AAROWs of success!


Official Induction

The Official Induction for our new Y1 children was held on Tuesday 11 June 2019. If you have missed our induction, please click on the play button below to view our presentation



First Week of School

To help children settle into their new class routines, the first week of attendance is set out differently to other year groups. The children will be separated into groups. This enables us to provide a very supportive and personal approach for your children as they start their primary school experience.

During the induction week, please be reminded to have breakfast or lunch before you come to school, and to bring a named hat and water bottle every day.  All children will attend school on Tuesday 20 August onwards for full day classes. You may also refer to the first week schedule for both groups as below.


School Bus and PTA

The updated bus list is available here. Parents are welcome to contact individual bus company to make arrangements.

PTA organises hot lunch services and uniform sales for our students. Parents are welcome to look for more information here, or by contacting the PTA at or 3765 8709.