Student Leadership

KJS student leaders are “Supporting success for every child in a positive, cohesive, sustainable KJS community”.

They are champions of the AAROW’s of Success that promote a sense of belonging in our KJS community for all students through a variety of opportunities and activities. The student leaders especially enjoy a high level of voice choice and ownership (Agency) in the school and encapsulate the learner profile qualities.

Our Student Leaders come from Years 4,5,6 and exercise their agency by taking individual and collective action for the benefit of our KJS community.

These opportunities include:

  • Working with PTA and School Council including attending meetings and having a direct impact on decision making
  • Attending leadership training to develop their skills, knowledge and impact as leaders
  • Lead roles in the school including opening Learning Celebration Assemblies, welcoming guests, opening conferences and a lead role in new staff and parent induction
  • Developing a comprehensive plan for sustainable student leadership
  • Being key players in the well-being initiative at KJS that strives to embed a sense of community and belonging across the school. 
  • Facilitating student-led clubs/organisations 
  • Attending regular student leadership meetings