14 Jun 2023

Newsletter- 14/06/23

Kowloon Junior School’s latest newsletter is available to read now.


Dates for Your Diary

16 June        Y6 PYP Exhibition (Y6 Parents)

22 June        Dragon Boat Festival

29 June        Y6 Leavers Assembly

30 June        Last Day of Term 3  (school ends at 12:00)

16 Aug         First Day of School




Acting Principal’s Message

Dear KJS Families,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones in good health and high spirits. It has been another fantastic week at KJS, and I am excited to share some of the highlights with you in this week’s newsletter.


Jump Rope for Heart Success

First, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to our Jump Rope for Heart event in May. Our energetic Year 5 students took part in this fantastic activity, and together we raised an impressive 35 782 HKD! The students truly earned every cent through their hard work, and it was a joy to witness them embracing the challenge, overcoming it, and learning valuable lessons in the process. Events like these help to foster a connected and vibrant school community, promoting teamwork and unity.


PYP Exhibition Showcase: This Thursday and Friday

We are thrilled to have our PYP Exhibition Showcase, which will take place this Thursday and Friday. Beacon Hill School Year 5 students and KJS year groups will be visiting on Thursday, while Y6 families are welcome to join us in the School Hall starting from 1 pm on Friday. Our Year 6 students have been working diligently on their projects, and they are both excited and a little nervous to share their incredible learning.

These students have conducted extensive research and have chosen to take action in a variety of ways. I am confident that this experience will be rewarding for everyone involved. If you plan to attend on Friday, please take a few moments to ask our students questions about their learning after they share their work with you. Engaging in these conversations will highlight the depth of understanding and genuine curiosity that our students have demonstrated throughout this important process.


KJS Community Facebook Page

I am delighted to report that our KJS Community Facebook Page now has more than 550 members! Our dedicated PTA has done an outstanding job of sharing the many exciting events happening across the school. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to join the page (link here)

and, if possible, post and share information that will help further build our KJS community. Your contributions are invaluable as we continue to grow and strengthen our connections.

Once again, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your continued support and dedication to our school. Together, we are creating an enriching and nurturing environment for our students to thrive.


Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

Kind Regards,

Dr. Jamie Schmitz – Acting Principal




School Calendar 2023/2024

A copy of next year’s calendar can be downloaded here and the first school day will be Wednesday 16 August 2023.

For parents who are keen to know the starting date of 2024/2025, please be advised that 12 August 2024 as stated in this calendar is NOT confirmed yet.



Parent Webinar- Neurodiversity – Including All

ESF celebrates and promotes learning diversity and aims to enable all students to be the best they can be. A key topic of discussion in the area of inclusion is the genuine acceptance of diversity and the support and language needed to enable this. In this webinar, we have Dr Rachael Edwards and Dr Rosie Thomasson, ESF Educational Psychologists to explain how ESF advocates for students with different strengths, stretches, background knowledge, skills and learning styles. The webinar also aims to provide a balanced perspective on current thinking and research related to the diagnosis of learning and developmental conditions such as dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, etc.

Please click here to view the recording.



Return your Library books

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I hope your children have enjoyed borrowing books home. As we approach the end of the school year, we kindly ask that all library books are returned to the library by Friday, June 16th.

To see what books your child has on their account, please click here to access Orbit. Please click on the top right hand corner to login in and use your splat login (without the @kjs.hk) and use the password kjs1234.

Students can continue to enjoy reading books online through Wheelers, our digital library. EPIC is also available during school hours and should you wish to read it outside that time, a subscription is required. This is optional for families to join. Of course, you can always go on to our KJS Virtual Library for some Fun and Useful Links for more ebook options.

If you are in Hong Kong this summer, we ask that you take the time to apply for a Hong Kong Public Library (HKPL) card for your children. You can apply in person at any of the branches or you can apply online for your child. This will allow them access to online books and databases which will be taught during the school year. This will especially be important for upcoming Year 6 students.

If you have any questions on the above, please contact Ms. Lau at macy.lau@kjs.edu.hk.


Kind regards,

KJS Library Team




News from the PTA

Hello KJS Community,

We really are on countdown mode, but certainly not on winding down mode! We are still seeking volunteers and raffle prizes for our school fair, which will be held in Term 1 of the new year.

Please reach out to us if you can join the organising committee or can help us get major prizes for our raffle draw.

This will be our highlight event of the year and we need everybody’s help!  Please contact Rekha via email on pta@kjs.edu.hk or call her on 3765-8709 to have a chat.


FB Community Group- Have you joined yet?

We are delighted to let you know that we hit a milestone of over 500 members in a month of launching this!  It’s a great platform to share, view, comment and add to the activities of the whole KJS Community. If you have not already joined, please click on this link and become a member of your school community.

We still have 2 weeks before the end of the school year and we will be happy to hear from you with any ideas that you may have for events in the new year.


Have a good week ahead,

The KJS PTA Team




ESF Sports & Language – Summer Camp

3 July to 25 August, 2023

Looking for a fun and educational summer camp experience for your child? Find the ideal summer camp program for your child’s interests and needs at ESF Sports & Language! We understand that every child is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of summer camp options to suit all interests and schedules.

With a variety of options to choose from, including playgroups, sports, language, arts, STEM workshops, and online courses, there’s something for every child at ESF Sports & Language. Our experienced educators provide a safe and supportive environment for kids of all ages to develop their skills and enjoy a summer of fun and learning. This year’s highlight is the Eager Explorers Expedition, a four-week English programme (weekly basis enrolment available) that takes students on exciting quests to different areas of discovery.

Our Full Day Camps are a popular choice for students ages 5 to10 years, featuring multi-disciplinary class activities in the morning to strengthen language efficiency or develop STEM skills , followed by a multi-sports class in the afternoon.

For those looking to focus on sports, we offer our signature multi-sports and Up to 13 single sports camps, including swimming, football, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, lacrosse, tag rugby, krav maga, netball, hockey, fencing and outdoor adventure camps. These options are perfect for developing children’s sporting skills through play, developmental games, and game-based sports.

Spaces are limited. Sign your child up for an ESF Sports & Language summer camp today and give them a summer they’ll never forget!

Online Coding courses available!

Full Day Camps (King George V School, Kowloon): HERE

Half Day Camps Course Listing (Kowloon): HERE

Hotline: 2711 1280

Email: info@esf.org.hk




Student Success

Dear parents,

Thank you for sharing your child’s achievements with us over the past year. As the school principal, I am always delighted to hear about the accomplishments and growth of our students. We appreciate your enthusiasm in wanting to share these achievements with our school community.

In recent times, as we continue to adapt to the post-pandemic context, our focus has shifted back to the original purpose of our school’s social media channels. Our goal is to use these platforms to strengthen the school community by highlighting the many events, activities, and collaborative projects that involve our students, staff, and families. Through this approach, we aim to foster a sense of unity and celebrate the collective accomplishments of our school community.

While individual achievements are undoubtedly significant and provide a source of pride for both the student and their family, sharing every student’s accomplishments on our social media channels is no longer feasible. Our intention is to create an inclusive environment where all students, regardless of their individual accomplishments, feel valued and celebrated.

That being said, we encourage you to share your child’s achievements with their teacher and peers, as well as within your personal social media networks. This way, your child’s accomplishments can be recognized and celebrated by those who know them best.

We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to navigate the post-pandemic educational landscape. Our school community’s strength lies in our collective efforts to celebrate the diverse talents, achievements, and experiences of all our students.


Kind regards,

Dr. Jamie Schmitz





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