15 Aug 2018

Newsletter- 15/08/18

Kowloon Junior School’s latest newsletter is available to read now.



Dates for Your Diary

Monday 13 August                              Start of 2018-2019 School Year

Friday 31 August                                 Staff Continuous Professional Development Day – No school

Monday 3 September                         Welcome Meetings No school for children, sign up gateway

Friday 14 September                          KJS Lantern Festival & PTA AGM

Tuesday 18 September                      ESF Secondary Music Festival

Monday 24 September                       Staff Continuous Professional Development Day – No school

Tuesday 25 September                      Mid Autumn Festival – No school

Monday 1 October                              National Day – No school

15 to 19 October                                 Mid Term Break – No school

Sunday  28 October                           ESF Hong Kong Run 2018

29 October to 1 November                 Photo Days

Monday 5 November                          Staff Continuous Professional Development DayNo school

Friday 9 November                             Quiz Night / Bingo Night

15 and 16 November                          School Musical

19 to 21 November                             Y4 Camp

Friday 23 November                           ESF Orchestra Day

27 to 30 November                             Y5 Camp

3 to 7 December                                 Y6 Camp

Friday 14 December                           Last day of term – half day

17 December to 4 January                 Term Break – No school

Monday 7 January                              First day of Term 2



Dear Parents,

Welcome to KJS for 2018/19 and ‘Success for Every Child’ through a wellbeing focus!

You will know ‘Success’ at KJS has a specific definition, it is: children making significant progress with their learning, having a growth mindset, persevering and learning from mistakes; we call this Achievement. Children progressively taking control of their learning and knowing what they are learning, how to be successful and reflecting on their learning; we call this Agency. Children being respectful to self, others and the environment; not surprisingly we call this Respect. Children being given, and taking advantage of opportunity to learn in different ways with different people in a range of places developing their critical, creative and collaborative skills; we call this Opportunity. Children developing wellbeing of mind, body, spirit, relationships and having a balanced life; quite simply Wellbeing. These then are the AAROW’s of Success at KJS. You will also know as a PYP school we value the IB Learner Profile and seek to develop these characteristics in our children. It’s all here!

2018/19 is all about wellbeing at KJS. In fact our first unit of inquiry is a school wide focus with all students exploring the central idea of; “Making choices that develop respectful relationships with ourselves, others and the environment define who we are as individuals and as a community.”

You can help at home over the next two weeks by talking about what it means to be respectful at home, on the bus, in the playground and in the community, about how to wear the school uniform, including the hat, and about respectful interactions with others. You can chat about respect to and for helpers, how getting organised in the morning and ready for school is a respectful behaviour.

Staff will be doing all they can to get to know your child this week so they can enhance wellbeing and support and challenge each child to be the best that they can be, to be successful. An important aspect of getting to know children is the “Welcome Meeting” on Monday 3rd September. These meetings provide 10 minutes dedicated 1:1 time for parents and teacher to meet and for you to share your child’s strengths, passions, your concerns, and aspirations and anything you think will help your child to be successful. We will send home some question prompts the week before to ensure we maximise the time together. Please make a note in your diary for this now and look out for the Gateway sign up on Monday 20th 5:00pm for your time slot.

You will also notice on the dates above we have three ‘Staff Continuous Professional Development (CPD)’ days in term one for which the school will be closed. These days are critical to support for children through skilled and knowledgeable staff. The first two days we will have Professor Helen Street from Perth, Australia working with the staff to build a culture of wellbeing at KJS. The third day will focus on inclusion strategies and quality teaching and learning with technology. The third day is especially important to support the arrival of our new devices in late October. We have invested over $1 500 000.00 in new technology for children in 2018 including the latest chromebook and ipad minis. Our long term plan will see new devices in the hands of our children every three years and in Y 4-6 each child will have a dedicated chromebook for their personal learning. To make the most of this significant investment we need to continually upskill staff and attend to their professional learning to ensure success and safety with digital learning.

Over the last few days in addition to welcoming our 10 new staff (they have settled in so well after a three day induction process) we have welcomed 150 new Year 1 students and their families. What an absolute pleasure to meet with parents who are so passionate about their child’s learning and school. No wonder KJS is such a great place to learn, work and play!

Enjoy the week ahead and to get your child talking about the day rather than, “How was your day?” try:


“What was the most enjoyable part of your day?”

“What was most challenging for you today?”

“What have you learnt that we can try at home about wellbeing?”

“Who are the new people you met today?”

“Tell me about your teacher or Educational Assistant?”

Here are a few more that might work for you and your family


I look forward to seeing you all during the term ahead, a very warm welcome to KJS for 2018/19!


Kind regards



Neill O’Reilly


Staff CPD (Continuous Professional Development) talking about Success at KJS Friday 10th


A warm (very warm!) welcome to our new teachers in 2018/19


Y1 parent meeting learning all about Success at KJS, Reading and starting school


It begins for the 2018/19 Year 1 children (very few tears!)

School buses and private cars

In order to ensure that drop-off and pick-up times are smooth and safe, and to avoid irate neighbours, please be reminded that the area outside the main school gate should be left free for the school buses to park.  There is plenty of room further down the road to drop off your children.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Bringing in and Collecting Children

Parents please be reminded that school gate is open at 8.00am in the morning, and children must be collected from school by 3.00pm. If your child participates in after-school activities at KJS, he/she must be collected immediately when the activity is finished.  If you are delayed in collecting your child, you must call the school. If for any reasons you have to drop your child earlier than 8.00am or have to pick up your child after 3.00pm on a regular basis, approval from the Principal is required.


Message from the Nurse

Parents please be reminded to log onto Gateway and update your child(ren)’s ‘Emergency Contact’ information. This should be the contact details of designated caregivers other than yourselves, for example a Helper or Grandparents. We will always try and contact parents first, but when this is not possible it is imperative we have another option.


Junior Baking Class

Term 1 Baking Class at KJS starts September 13th, for children ages 5-11.  Ms. Lan Hee Hong is a fully qualified teacher and also a cake designer.  For more information, please see the attached (Brochure and Enrolment form).  For any inquiries, please contact Ms. Hong at flourhk@hotmail.com

Watch the Junior Bakers in action:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOW88jsc8A0



PTA Update

The PTA has a very exciting year planned for you, with our first event in September.  More details will be released soon.


PTA Committee 2018-19

We are looking for Parent Representatives for our committee.  If you are interested in the role, please send us an email with your name, contact number, and child’s name and class to pta@kjs.edu.hk.  Alternatively you go in  person to the PTA office and let us know.

PTA Office

The PTA is open from Monday through to Friday from 8:15am to 11am and 2:30pm to 3:30pm.



We are compiling a list of volunteers for our events this year.  If you are interested in helping out, please drop us a note.




Student Success

Bernice (4C) got a silver trophy in Woodwind Solo – Oboe held by HKJSMA over the summer.  This competition gave Bernice a fantastic opportunity to widen her musical world. Congratulations Bernice!


Athena (3I), Hannah (3K) and Trinity (3A) participated in the Flag day of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty) to Animals (HKSPCA). They were delighted to have participated in this charitable event to provide their support for the protection of animals in HK. Good job girls!


ESF and Other Notices



Kowloon Junior School, English Schools Foundation and its affiliates shall take no responsibility for any activities, events and services that are organised by other organisations or individuals and are mentioned in our newsletters..