30 Mar 2022

Newsletter- 30/03/22

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Dates for Your Diary

28 February – 31 March                                  Book Month

01 April                                                            Last day of school (Finish 12pm)

04 April – 18 April                                            Term break

19 April                                                            First day of school



Dear KJS Families,

I received some very positive feedback from families and teachers about our three-way conferences. Framed by our guiding questions. ‘Where am I going?’, ‘How am I doing?’, and ‘Where to next?’, our students were able to talk with clarity about their targets, share insight into their progress, and state their next steps with confidence. Though this approach does not differ significantly to past student conferences, the increased clarity and opportunities for meaningful reflection and action that this frame provides cannot be overstated. Under the umbrella of each question, lies a rich set of sub questions that supports students in thinking more deeply about their learning. These questions promote and foster a genuine connection to intrinsic motivation and facilitate assessment-capability.

We are excited about returning to in-person learning and teaching from April 19th, and we are now at the point where we can provide you with some more details. This information will be sent directly to you via the ESF App. Please note that we will be receiving additional information from the EDB and CHP at some point in April. Once we receive this information, then we will update you accordingly.

As many of you already know, we have an incredible Student Council at KJS, led by Ms. Leah Bailey. Their latest initiative is the creation of a Wellbeing website for their fellow students. They have been working very hard surveying students and creating amazing promotional material to encourage contributions. It’s an incredibly positive and practical resource that will undoubtedly benefit many of our students at a time when they really need it. This is the sort of student action that comes from strong connections to one another and intrinsic motivation.


Kind regards,

Dr Jamie Schmitz




Student Vaccination Data

The excerpt below is taken from Ms. Belinda Greer’s ESF-wide parent message sent on 25 March.

Many of you will have seen in the media that in order for schools to resume full-day face-to-face classes, student vaccination levels have to be high. In this, we need your help.

 As I have previously said, the decision and responsibility of whether your child is vaccinated rests squarely with you, the parents. If your child has been vaccinated, please upload the details to the module on the ESF App so that we can have an accurate picture of the vaccination status of all our children.


The message below regarding student vaccination data was sent to all parents via ESF App on 18 March.  For parents who are not sure about how to upload the record, please refer to this manual.

ESF Message

Over the past few months, the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Government (EDB) has requested information on the number of staff and students that have received a COVID19 vaccination. ESF has already collected data relating to the number of teaching staff who have been vaccinated. ESF is now seeking your support to establish the vaccination status in relation to students attending ESF schools. The provision of this information is entirely voluntary. However,  we believe that having details of the levels of student vaccination in our school communities will be of assistance when face-to-face learning resumes.

The ESF App now has a Student Vaccine Record function that parents can use to upload their child’s/children’s vaccination information. We would encourage you to upload details of your child’s/children’s vaccination status through the ESF App. Any personal data will be held safely and securely and in line with ESF’s personal data handling and data privacy policy, available here.



KJS Wellbeing Website

 Dear Parents,

Have you heard about the sensational KJS Wellbeing website? Well, the Student Council has been working on its re-launch. This inspiring wellbeing site from last year has been upgraded to something even better!

There is certainly a page for everyone to have fun, such as the animal research page and if that doesn’t entertain your child, the jokes page will definitely do the job! If your child is feeling stressed about their learning, they can calm down at the mindfulness page. What about the fact they can’t chat with their friends and buddies at school right now? Well, they can connect with other students on the friends page. The padlet here is the perfect solution where your child can leave kind messages for other students. There are so many pages that will keep your child busy and happy for the whole school year!

Also, if your child has a talent he or she would like to share, they can make a video and email it to us at studentcouncil@kjs.edu.hk. Please include their video, name, class, the category they would like their video to be in, and the title they want us to name their video.

Now it’s time for you to learn more about this amazing site on the actual webpage. There is also an introductory video that explains more on the site.

You can visit the site here: https://sites.google.com/kjs.hk/kjswellbeingwebsite/home

Enjoy and have fun!


Kind regards,

On behalf of the Student Council- Vandita, Katherine, Jamie and Raashi



Student Success

The celebration of student success will channel to our Facebook page. You can find the school’s Facebook here. Please keep the photos and stories coming of our children shooting the AAROW’s of Success!


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