15 Nov 2019

Yr1 Curriculum Update -15/11/19

Working together to achieve success for every child

Welcome to Year One

Transdisciplinary learning-it’s all connected

Students have been inquiring into some of the systems that we use.  Our learning has been underpinned by the Project Zero thinking routine, Parts, People, Interactions published by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  The children are beginning to understand that:

  • Systems help us and keep things organised.
  • Systems are made up of connected parts.
  • People have different roles within systems.

We have discussed systems in school like our library, how we organise our snacks and lunches and get home at the end of the day.  We have also looked at other familiar systems such as trains, roads, restaurants, airports, boats, zoos, houses, castles, playgrounds and more.

Students have been replicating many of these systems in their play.  They have enjoyed cooperating and working together with their classmates, discussing, designing and then building their systems.  Emphasis has been placed on the parts of the systems and how they are connected.  We are getting really good at identifying all of the different parts of a system!  Children have also been considering the role of people within systems.  For example, at the zoo, lots of adults and children pay to come in and visit.  They are called customers, or visitors.  Other people work at the zoo and directly support the system.  They have many roles, such as looking after the animals, driving the train, or working in the shop.

We have been noticing the use of letters, words and numbers and colours within systems.  Students are starting to use them in their own designs and the systems they build.  For example, restaurants have a menu.  The words explain the food, the cost of the food is shown in numbers.  Buses have a number on the front, they also sometimes have a letter.  The number helps us get the right bus and it’s also shown on the bus stop so people know where to wait.  If a bus has a letter it tells us information too, buses with an A travel to the airport, buses with an X do not stop very much and those with an N travel at night.  Children have also been exploring school on a ‘systems walk’, identifying different systems and looking for words and numbers within them.

Teachers have begun Guiding Reading sessions in class and the children will be bringing home levelled reading books soon.  When reading in a group the children have been making connections between their books and their own understandings.  Students are starting to access the Epic! Digital Library and this is something children can also do at home.  An email with all the details was sent earlier in the year if you would like to sign up.


How you can help at home.

Sign up to the Epic! Digital Library and explore it with your child.


Dates to note:

Friday 15th December:           Last Day of Term (half day)