7 Dec 2018

Yr5 Curriculum Update – 07/12/18

Working together to achieve success for every child

Year 5 Update for Parents Issue 7


What a week Year 5 had on camp! Not even a rainy start could deter students from embracing their new surroundings and enjoying a variety of challenges.  Students demonstrated resilience, courage, organisational skills and teamwork. There are still several unclaimed items including sports shoes and jackets. Please remind your child to bring home any lost items before the end of the term.

Here’s just a taste of what some students had to say in their reflections:

I liked seeing people pier jumping and loved the hamburgers and hotdogs. They were delicious! On the gorge hike, I liked how my group met a butterfly. Sophie 5T

I loved the breakfast, lunch, honey covered crackers and brownies. My favourite activity was the last day password one. Sebastian 5T

The thing I liked most about camp was the Star Challenge because it was really fun going up and down the stairs. Kavya 5T

I was proud of myself for learning how to make different types of loops because I used to know only how to tie one type of knot now I know so many. Shaivi 5M


I really enjoyed sleeping in a tent because it was my first time sleeping in a tent. Alex 5M


Something that challenged me at camp was the star challenge because it was really fun and hard and so competitive. I am proud of myself for winning the star challenge because it was satisfying to hear that my group (group 9) won first place. Vadin 5M

Students also had the opportunity to reflect on their camp experience using the lenses of Respect, Conflict Resolution and Perspective.


Examples of recognising other people’s perspective:


I really liked the tents but other people liked sleeping in the dorm. Tanya 5P


I was happy with the food but I know that other people didn’t like some of it. Genie 5P


Below are photos capturing a range of Year 5 Camp experiences

Unit of Inquiry

Students are continuing their personal inquiries into a chosen area of biodiversity loss. They are building Google Sites to present their learning whilst taking advocacy action.  

As inquirers, students will research into an ecosystem of their choice to find out:

  • The benefits of biodiversity in this area offers
  • The issues that are threatening the biodiversity
  • The impacts caused by these threats
  • Possible action/solutions that are being taken/can be taken to protect the biodiversity



Students have been applying what they have learnt about the skills of summarising and synthesising to make notes about a chosen area of biodiversity loss. They have also been selecting and evaluating the validity and reliability of information on websites as part of their research.

We used the synthesis skills to design and create posters that

Deliver a clear message supported by good data.



Students have continued to inquire into how to solve problems using the four operations. More importantly, they have been developing their number sense and critical thinking skills by selecting and justifying different mental and written strategies. Some of these strategies include doubling and halving, partitioning, rounding and compensating, short and long multiplication using a column method.  

Students have also been interpreting data collected as part of the Year 5 Camp reflection and have used ICT tools to support their learning. Here is an example of data collected::

5T students comparing and justifying their strategies.



In the Chinese classrooms, we continue to focus on the concept of wellbeing and providing different learning opportunities for children to explore their own interests and promote agentic learning.

Here is a glimpse of some of our classrooms:


Key Dates for the Diary

Wednesday, December 12: Year 5 Sports Day (am)

Thursday, December 12: Year 5 Party Day (pm)- please see email sent.

Friday, December 14: Term 1 ends (finish at noon)

Monday, January  7: Term 2 starts