13 Dec 2019

Yr6 Curriculum Update – 13/12/19

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The Year 6 Team


Welcome to the 8th edition of our Year 6 Curriculum Update!

We would like to wish all our Y6 parents a Merry Christmas and a new year 2020! We hope this Christmas your life be filled with happiness and prosperity always.

Next term on the 13th of January 2020, KJS is going to host the 4th annual Agents of Change Conference. This year 30 NGOs and more than 1000 Year 6 students from across ESF will participate in this conference. The conference provides students with an excellent opportunity to learn more about our local NGOs, make face-to-face connections with them and learn how they can take action, through their exhibition, to support their wonderful and worthy causes.




Transdisciplinary Learning – It’s all connected!

“Where we are in place and time” is coming to an end and we will begin our 4th unit – Sharing the Planet in the next term.

In Inquiry, students have begun their student directed inquiry task. In this task they have to pick a topic of their choice which they consider as an item of heritage. Students need to research about that topic and provide evidence whether their chosen tangible or intangible item is a heritage item or not and present their findings to a different class.

First we created high level conceptual questions. After we created the big questions about our topic, we created smaller questions that are easier to answer and can be googled. Once we recorded our small questions and the keywords, we used a variety of primary and secondary sources of information to research. We have used ethical use, gathering and recording and considering online perspectives skills for this task. Attached please the explanation of the research skills.

In Reading, we are still reading “Music on the Bamboo Radio”. In some classes we worked on developing the different characters in the book: “Music on The Bamboo Radio” also known as MOTBR.

In Writing, we are learning that writers make conscious decisions about what to show and what to tell. We learned that ideas are the content of the writing piece. They are the “heart and soul” of good writing. It is important for students to remain focused on the writing by selecting the idea or topic, remaining focused on the idea, elaborating on the idea, and using details and information to further wrote what we think might happen next in the book “Music on the Bamboo Radio”. We have also started concentrating on our targets.

In Mandarin, we have been doing weather such as sunny day, wind, snow, rain, and so on. We have also started doing group rotations. Also, in some classes we are learning the new describing words about the new topic: weather. Some classes made slideshows and presented based on what they learned in Inquiry about heritage except translated into Chinese with our own words. Students  weren’t allowed to use google translate and had one week time to do this task.

In Maths, some classes have started learning about the Farey Sequence, named after the british geologist John Farey. Many of the students are struggling to figure out the patterns and equivalence. We used visual models to help us order fractions with like and unlike denominators. We have started a new lesson about adding fractions with like and unlike denominators. Here is the link to one of the videos that helped us learn how to add unlike fractions.

In Music, the students have almost shared with other classes their music like What do I know, There’s Nothing holding me back, Que sera, Believer, TNT, and etc… while not being able to practise which is excellent memory of their own beat. We are now starting to evaluate our performance that we did for the unit: “ Groove your class off”.

In PE, We have been concentrating on each and every minor subject in P.E. We have already done jumping, throwing and running. In jumping, we did three activities. The first one was to jump on hoops with two feet and then Mr. Riddel also added a challenge which is called skip hop jump challenge. In order to work on the skill of throwing, we did 3 activities.

  • chest push
  • vortex throw
  • target throw

For running, we had to run 3 laps of the KJS loop or you could do a shuttle run of 10 laps.


Library News:

In the library, librarian Ms. Lau has been showing classes the artifacts of KJS, which include trophies, yearbooks, attendance books and so on. The students have been learning many things about K.J.S’s history. And 6E has convinced Mr. O’reilly to make a heritage room for K.J.S to inform kids about the history of K.J.S and it will contain some of the most important and old heritage from KJS.



Important dates

Friday 13 December                           Last day of term – Half day (finish at 12 pm)

16 December – 3 January                   Term Break

Monday 6 January                              First day of Term 2

13th January 2020                            Agents of Change – please note there will be no school lunch on this day. Students will need a packed lunch.




(Reyaan Jhaveri,Aryan Bhandari, Herina Nathirmal, Erin Chow, Charlotte Raeburn-Ward, Joon Kyi Min, Drea Kalyani, Shreyash Dugar, Uriel Na, Koyal Narwani and Andrew Chan)