23 Nov 2018

Yr6 Curriculum Update – 23/11/18

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The Year 6 Team



Welcome to the 7th edition of our Year 6 Curriculum Update!

In each update, you will be able to see glimpses of the learning journey that our students have been involved in over the previous two weeks. Our Learning Journey is written by teachers and students.

The highlight of the week was our school musical – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. All of our performers did such a splendid job. A special thanks to all our teachers who had put in a lot of hard work in designing the costumes, props, choreographing the dances, and rehearsing the songs. Well done to the entire team of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

 Transdisciplinary Learning – It’s all connected!

What a busy fortnight it has been! In Inquiry, some students learned to formulate concept questions about Kowloon Walled city. In some classes, students are also preparing for the Year 6 PYPX, by making a presentation of their choice, then presenting it to their class. On top of that, we are also learning to debate! One topic of debate was ‘Kowloon Walled City is an embarrassment and should have been demolished.’It was exciting to see that our students have begun to understand different perspectives connected with Kowloon Walled City and created their arguments for the debate using PEEL method. We also looked at different world heritage sites and considered what criteria were used to include them on the UNESCO Wolrd Heritage list. To understand the concept of causation, we made mind maps on world monuments and recorded why we think these sites should be considered as world heritage. After that, we evaluated our thinking by using the actual criteria list developed by UNESCO and compared our mind maps.

In Writing, the students are focusing on historical narrative writing and how to work towards expanding their vocabulary, word choice, and sentence structure. Some classes have begun writing their historical narratives. Other classes have been working on developing the plot and learning how to make their writing more descriptive.

In Maths, we were focusing on Data Handling and we learned about an effective and easy way to handle data and it was called CORI.  CORI stands for

C: Collect!

O: Organize!

R: Represent!

I: Interpret!

Some classes conducted a survey to collect data on the best way to preserve KWC and we made graphs with the collected data.

The children have started a new unit about shape and space. We first focused on quadrilaterals.  Some classes have been making tree diagrams in order to identify and learn about properties of different kinds of quadrilaterals. We have also been creating our conjectures and learning how to support our conjectures with evidence.

In Mandarin, Students are working towards their personalized learning goals. We also learned how to do Chinese ink painting and learned the techniques that were used in the painting. Students are preparing for their end unit assessment by doing several activities, rotations and practicing stroke order. Students have been really busy in developing success criteria followed by writing a final essay.

During Music, Students are learning to compose a Dorian scale piece with contrast and unity and learning to play them as well to the class.

Library news: Library staff is working on making the library ready for Christmas. There was a lucky draw for a chance to win a 100 dollar Scholastics voucher.


Special News:  

●       ESF Kowloon Netball Tournament – Tuesday 27 November

●        Plastic Ocean movie –  26th Nov 6A, and 27th Nov 6E

●       Year 6 Camp – Monday 3 December to Friday 7 December

●       Y6 Sports Day – Wednesday, 12th December

●       Last day of term – half day      Friday 14 December

●       Term Break – No school from 17 December to 4 January

●       The first day of Term 2 –     Monday 7 January




Dear Parents,

Here are the links.

1. Kit List – click here

3. KJS Medical Authorisation Form

IMPORTANT: If your child is required to take prescribed medication to camp, you must ensure a Medical Authorisation Form has been completed and signed by the parent. If possible the medicine should be handed in to the nurse at least 7 days before the camp by an adult (parent or helper) – not a student.

The medicine should be in the original packaging and clearly labeled with the following:

a) Student’s name and student’s date of birth

c) Doctor’s name

d) Instructions & expiry date of the medicine

* Medicine that is out of date or decanted into another bottle will not be accepted

4. APA presentation (including equipment discount code on page 23) –


Presentation KJS Year 6 Camp


Kind regards,

Year 6 Teachers and Students Editors and Photographers

(Jayden Chan 6E, Audrey 6E, David 6G, Sahaana 6G, Anabelle 6A, Kyla 6A, Jaeyun 6L, Dhyana 6L, Alyssa 6P, Shrishti 6P)