13 Sep 2019

Yr1 Curriculum Update -13/09/19

Working together to achieve success for every child

The students will investigate this unit through the concepts of identity and interactions. During this inquiry they will explore the concept of interactions by investigating what cooperation is, including identifying how they cooperate in various ways with a variety of people. They will be exploring how groups work successfully, and what they can do to be a responsible member within the group.

We will guide them through inquiries about collaboration and their responsibility as being a part of a school community. They will also explore the concept of identity. They will inquire into comparisons and reflect on what is the same and different about themselves and others and begin to make connections with each other. They will also explore why our behaviour and choices affect others and why our emotions and attitudes influence how we act.

Students will develop their understanding of the Learner Profile disposition of ‘caring’. The social skills that will support them to be ‘caring’ are ‘cooperation’, ‘respect’ and ‘accepting responsibility’.  Throughout the unit the the self management skills of ‘spatial awareness’ and ‘codes of behaviour’ will help them work harmoniously and responsibly in the different groups they belong to.


Transdisciplinary learning-it’s all connected

We have been exploring how we can be caring and respectful members of KJS. Some of our year 6’s have done an amazing job of modelling this for our year 1’s by helping them to the bus lines each day. We have begun to unpack our schools essentail agreement,,‘Respect to self, others and environment’ and connected these to the choices we make for ourselves and others. We have been identifying the choices we make and the connection they have to our emotions using the ‘Zones of Regulation’. We will be developing relationships with our year 5 buddy classes to gain a greater insight into the respectful relationships we can form at KJS.


Respect according to 1H


In literacy we have been supporting our understanding of emotions by identifying how authors show feelings in stories. Looking at stories like ‘Piggie and Elephant’ by Mo Willems. We are noticing that words and illustrations can be shown in ways to help us understand the characters feelings. We are well on the journey to becoming authors ourselves starting to make our own and class books.

Next week we will be asking you to support your children’s early reading and writing skills by sending home picture books and story books for you and your child to enjoy. Our focus is on storytelling and writing through pictures as this is a crucial stage for confidence and self motivation in early literacy development.

In mathematics we have been continuing to explore how we can show the value of numbers. We are experimenting with math tools in the classroom to gain a better understanding of how we can use them to show amounts. We are developing our skills of representation to record and using co-constructed success criteria to help us become successful and accurate recorders of our work.



How you can help at home.

Start to look at books from a writer’s perspective. Ask questions to provoke looking in more depth at the pictures. Such as, ‘Why do you think the pictures are drawn like that?’, ‘What do you notice about emotions?’ ‘If you were the author what would you do in the book?’

A very relevant topic for discussion right now is to explore how we show respect to ourselves, others and the environment. Explore ways we show respect to our families. Discuss how family members show respect and how it feels to show respect. Identify ways people don’t always show respect and how the affects theirs and others’ feelings.


Dates to note:

Tuesday, 10 September: Year One Mandarin ‘You tell us’ meetings.

Thursday, 12 September: School CPD. No school for children this day.

Thursday, 12th September: Presentation by Dr. Jared, PTA AGM and Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration.

Friday, 30th September: ESF CPD. No school for children this day.

Monday, 1st October: National Day. No school

Monday, 7th October: Half Term Week Holiday