18 May 2022

Newsletter- 18/05/22

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Dates for Your Diary

03 June                                                           Dragon Boat Festival – No school

10 June                                                           Year 4 Camp (Day 1)

17 June                                                           Year 4 Camp (Day 2)

23 June                                                           Year 6 Leaver Assembly



Dear KJS Families,

As previously mentioned, we have a very exciting and important event coming up on June 2nd – our Y6 PYP Exhibition Showcase. We are extremely fortunate to be able to invite Y6 families to attend this celebration of learning in-person, and we will be sharing all pertinent information shortly. Y6 students across ESF have had to showcase their PYP Exhibition learning exclusively online for the past two years, so the opportunity to bring families together this year is both unexpected and uplifting.

Continuing with the Y6 theme, we have decided that the morning of June 23rd will be when we hold our Y6 Leavers’ Assemblies. We will hold five assemblies, one after the other, in what will be a truly joyous occasion for our leavers and their families. We will be sharing details of the event in the near future, and we are, just like with the above mentioned PYP Exhibition showcase, thrilled to be able to do this in-person. Given the context of the past 2 ½ years, it seems ironic to me that graduation events across the Foundation have consistently been able to be held in-person.

Finally, I just wanted to update you on our approach to learning on days where school is closed due to inclement weather. Specifically, we will be offering students access to asynchronous (independent) learning tasks and resources in the case of short-notice and short-term school closure due to inclement weather events (Red Rain, Black Rain, and T8 signals).


Kind regards,

Dr Jamie Schmitz




Refund of KJS Yearly Fee Balance (Year 6 Students only)

Near the end of this school year, we will refund the balance of Year 6 students’ yearly fee before they leave KJS.  This applies to the students who have paid the fee for camps, activities and classroom stationery in 2021-2022.  After deducting all the expenses, the balance is now stored in each student’s eWallet under the Payment System.

In order to receive a refund, parents will be required to submit online requests through the Payment System on or before Monday 30 May 2022 and we will process them in June 2022

  • In addition to a refund request, parents can also choose to transfer the balance to another child in the same family providing that he/she will still be attending KJS in August 2022.
  • Parents can also choose to donate the balance to the school for the purchase of teaching and learning supplies.
  • For those who fail to submit a request, we will not be able to arrange any refund. The balance will be donated to the school automatically in August 2022.
  • Refund will be made by crossed cheques in HK dollars and will be distributed in June 2022. Parents will be notified in due course.

To know more about how to access the Payment System, please refer to this website www.kjs.edu.hk/payment. To submit an online refund request, please refer to the section “eWallet, Refund & Account Closure” on the same website. Should you still have further questions, please contact our Finance Team at finance@kjs.edu.hk.



Feeding Hong Kong

Dear Students and Parents,

We need your help! Just a reminder that our Feeding Hong Kong food drive begins tomorrow (Thursday, 19th May) and ends with a Dress Casual Day on Friday, 27th May.

Our boxes are ready to be filled outside the school office so please support this worthwhile charity and give to those in need.

The suggested items to donate are as follows;

  • Packets of rice, pasta and noodles
  • Cans of fruits, vegetables and soup
  • UHT milk
  • Cooking oil
  • Face masks

Please make sure the food items are labelled and are within their expiration date.

Thank you in advance four support.


Kind regards,

The KJS Student Council & The KGV CAS Group



Nature Knitters

Dear KJS Y4 to Y6 students

We are delighted to announce the opening of the website called Nature Knitters. Nature Knitters is a group of Year 5 students that knit products to sell, and raise money to donate to charity – SPCA.

However, there are certain restrictions to the paying part of the system. Please read the following.

  • Only Year 4s and above can bring money to school if they want to buy products.
  • No one can bring more than HK$20 to school.
  • Meet at soft start in 5P on the third floor to pay on Wednesdays ONLY
  • If you would like to order, please send an email to tungw5@kjs.hk or bogadc1@kjs.hk with your order. We will tell you when to meet with us.
  • We only accept cash
  • Students are only allowed to order 3 products a week

Be a hero, buy products to help animals!

Thank you, students. We hope you assist us in our mission to help animals in need.



Alex Chan, Ciana Bogador, Cecilia Zhang, Ali Hsu and Kate Tung 5P


Website Link:




Book drive

Hi everyone!

We’re Priyana, Ariel and Rosie from KGV and we will be holding a book drive at KJS under the NGO Rebooked. Rebooked is an organization for second-hand books, which promotes longer shelf-lives of books. They moreover collaborate with local partners, schools, companies, and other NGOs to serve the wider community, which makes the books donated be for a good cause!

The book drive would be held on the 23rd-27th of May, and we will be accepting English books for the ages 0-16, except for the following:

  • books that are too old (>10 years old); yellowish pages; brownish inside covers; moldy and spotted
  • books with missing or torn pages
  • books for adults
  • foreign language books (e.g. Chinese books)
  • books that contain markings, drawings, watermarks, and highlighted pages
  • used workbooks or textbooks
  • old magazines
  • books that contain controversial content

Please drop off books at the cardboard box at the library anytime during the week.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email suena3@kgv.hk.

We look forward to your support!


Thanks so much,

Ariel, Priyana and Rosie




Student Success

The celebration of student success will channel to our Facebook page. You can find the school’s Facebook here. Please keep the photos and stories coming of our children shooting the AAROW’s of Success!



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